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theoldgreenwalrus t1_j1kohss wrote

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave


LeRoienJaune t1_j1l2o84 wrote

I'm all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for a special offer
Guaranteed personality..."


mevrowka t1_j1ktb7g wrote

Yuck. No thanks.


educateyourself1 t1_j1kwuh8 wrote

Yeah, you’ve got heat and food and bathrooms, but your at Walmart for hours.


bodhiseppuku t1_j1l5yng wrote

I hear if you are inside a Walmart for over 24 hours, you grow a magical mullet.


Beneficial_Tough3345 t1_j1lgksy wrote

Go to the sporting goods section they have sleeping bags and camp stoves and all the camping stuff you want just say fuck it and use it


calguy1955 t1_j1m9v1s wrote

I picture 100 Walmart shoppers fighting over 20 sleeping bags and air mattresses. Pure carnage.


Aquarian222 t1_j1mzxny wrote

Too much effort. I’ll just go to the baby department and sleep in a crib.


SirDrexl t1_j1mp403 wrote

Get some duct tape and make a mattress of paper towel rolls.


PatacusX t1_j1mmvyu wrote

But is Canadian Walmart fancier? Like, their deli probably serves poutine, there are nice portraits of Avril Lavigne on the wall, and a special area of the parking lot for Zambonis.


zzxxccbbvn t1_j1mrd8w wrote

I'm laughing at the idea of these elaborate Victorian style portraits of Avril Lavigne hanging up on the walls of Walmart 😂


robexib t1_j1njsaw wrote

You chide, but I'd rather be stuck in a Wal-Mart for a day than stuck in an Arctic freeze for even an hour. Despite the stereotypes, you're far less likely to die in the Wal-Mart


DeadLikeYou t1_j1njra5 wrote

Igght, imma head out.

*freezes instantly like in SpongeBob*


Imaginary_Medium t1_j1m6sot wrote

One of my worst nightmares would be to be stranded inside a walmart in a pandemic. Or even stranded there without the pandemic.


Chknbone t1_j1mmgs1 wrote

Welcome to Wal-Mart... We love you........... Forever


Lost_creatures t1_j1ksjr0 wrote

That might be kind of fun as a customer. Would be a nightmare as an employee, actually probably a nightmare to customers too


hereforff t1_j1kyt67 wrote

I didn't like it when customers wanted to stand around for 30 minutes and chat while they waited for rain to stop. This is a nightmare lol.


iNuclearPickle t1_j1m12qt wrote

Working dollar tree I don’t wanna be there more than i have to. If I was in this situation I’d probably have a panic attack as I’m autistic


professorDissociate t1_j1n4hxp wrote

I’m autistic too. Level 1 autism here. I’d have a fucking meltdown and nobody would understand why. I work in a non customer facing role doing data engineering, architecture, and analyzation stuff though. So worst I need to worry about, thank the universe, is staring at datasets all night long. I love doing that shit anyways so sign me up.


LacusClyne t1_j1l4ak9 wrote

> Would be a nightmare as an employee

I can only hope they're getting overtime/penalty rates but I know I'm kidding myself there.


btmvideos37 t1_j1l4pz4 wrote

Legally they have to be. If they aren’t they can fight/sue for it


LacusClyne t1_j1l58mv wrote

> Legally they have to be.

You'd hope so but I'm sure there's something in the legalities where the store has to be operating 'normally', the checkout needs to be turned on or something equally shitty where the employee needs to be acting in accordance to their duties to be classified as 'at work' otherwise they're just 'hanging out at the store'.

Hope they don't have to sue so yeah, we'll see how it goes once everyone is safe and the incident is over.


btmvideos37 t1_j1l6tzr wrote

Actually the complete opposite. This is in Ontario. I’m Canadian. I might not remember all the details but to my knowledge if you’re being forced to stay at work, regardless if you’re working or not, you have to be paid.

Doesn’t matter how the store is running.

In a non snow storm setting, if your boss is telling you to stay in the store but they don’t need you to work, they have to pay you. If they tell you to clock out, they’re breaking the law. Unless they allow you to leave and won’t write you up for doing so.


TazBaz t1_j1n848c wrote

Depends on if they’re being asked to perform any duties. They could be told “you’re off work. Do what you want” and they’re stuck there just like the customers, not being paid. If they’re being asked to help people, that’s kind of a grey area of it not being “store functions” and just being “we’re all community trying to deal with a disaster and you have helpful knowledge/skills for this situation”.

Really depends on what’s going on/how things are being said.


[deleted] t1_j1ld6zu wrote



flashstepthruadmins t1_j1lfh2p wrote

And yet if anyone tried to unionize they'd close down every Wal-Mart in that state or province, because they're not a good employer, they're scum.


[deleted] t1_j1lzhoo wrote



W6Hohass t1_j1m2gzj wrote

🎶 You load 16 tons, what do you get? / Another day older and deeper in debt / St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go / I owe my soul to the company store 🎶


upvoatsforall t1_j1m7rbm wrote

The problem with Wal mart is that they don’t give full time jobs. The manager and assistant manage are typically the only people in a store that are considered full time. Once you’re a full time employee, they need to start providing you with benefits.

Everyone else is part time. It makes it easy to fire them and they don’t get any benefits.


[deleted] t1_j1p8fqp wrote



upvoatsforall t1_j1ptqq9 wrote

Wow. I just looked this up. They’ve made big changes over the last 5 years because employee retention was so low. That’s a huge step, they’ve also increased their minimum wage in most places as well.


Nizdizzle t1_j1lue6v wrote

Can you elaborate on what makes Walmart a pretty good employer?


masterofshadows t1_j1m00bv wrote

I'm not the op, but I'm a Walmart employee and while they're not perfect they do in fact take overtime seriously. Wages have gone up significantly. I've received a 50% increase in wages since 2020, where I was already making over 15 in a state that's still on federal minimum. The insurance isn't the best but it's definitely not bad. I can see a virtual doctor for free and most generic drugs are $4. Seeing an in person doctor is $35, which isn't super cheap it's also not super expensive either. They stopped pushing for part time and look to mostly have full time now with set schedules when possible.

In retail this is a good employer. Could they improve on some stuff? Yes. But they're not the evil empire. Like many jobs it really depends on who your management is.


alice-in-canada-land t1_j1oionx wrote

Worth pointing out that minimum wage in Ontario is $15.50 an hour, and that we don't depend on our employers to pay for health insurance.


Dramajunker t1_j1lck8b wrote

Maybe if you're a kid or young adult. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

Also, having your own bathroom.


Remarkable-Ad-2476 t1_j1lo4gs wrote

At that point everyone is just another person trying to survive. Not an employee or a customer, just a person figuring out how to get through that situation.


mlc885 t1_j1lsyg5 wrote

Depends if you have some people taking care of your house and family and a phone and charger to check on them, being trapped somewhere in a bad storm, even if you trust the building, would still leave you very worried about the stuff you are supposed to be watching out for. The outdoor conditions have to be pretty terrible to get trapped like that. (I.e. a step or two beyond "very icy" or "poor visibility")


arealhumannotabot t1_j1lv0lm wrote

Fun? Maybe for an hour. Then I just want to be home. No privacy, nothing is yours.


HardlyDecent t1_j1lx6ym wrote

Might be a good time to buy a new console and a game or two. This could be a not-worst-case scenario. Pull up a big ass dog bed and some snacks and chill.


bingcognito t1_j1pkhks wrote

Dog bed? Walmart sells beanbag chairs, dude. I'm with you on the snacks and chill though.


Feed-and-Seed t1_j1my4qt wrote

Eh Walmart is big enough I’m sure you could get an aisle to yourself.


arealhumannotabot t1_j1n2og0 wrote

Canada Walmarts are big but not USA supercentre big lol


Feed-and-Seed t1_j1n38e8 wrote

I’ve been to this Walmart specifically before. I’m pretty sure there’s more than 100 aisles in the store.


CopeSe7en t1_j1m9t0a wrote

Employees get to stay clocked in evenif not working. Some good over time


Bathsaltslumberjack t1_j1kt1rt wrote

I’ve seen this episode of r/superstore


Hibatica t1_j1kp7s8 wrote

Sounds like the plot for a lord of the flies style movie.


Big_Baked_Wolf t1_j1l0ztj wrote

Idk reminds me of "the mist"


ChimpanzA_2_ChimpanZ t1_j1lpmc0 wrote

If it was a Walmart they were trapped in the lead would have killed his family much earlier.


DiscordianStooge t1_j1n4s21 wrote

"We must sacrifice the child!"

"Lady, the snow is ending in like 3 hours."


UnfinishedProjects t1_j1mt6wu wrote

Throw that lady outside first and we'll all be chillin'. You know which lady I'm talking about.


LeicaM6guy t1_j1lunog wrote

That’s pretty much every Walmart, every day of the year.


the_simurgh t1_j1l16uv wrote

>Sounds like the plot for a lord of the flies style movie.

pretty sure i saw a apocalypse movie where people were living in a walmart clone.


cheese65536 t1_j1lujoc wrote

Part of the post-apocalyptic TV series "Y: The Last Man" is set in a Price MAX, which I think is supposed to be a Costco clone.


5th_heavenly_king t1_j1kxmg2 wrote

I swear this same scenario has played out in my head multiple times and the answer of what store I'd like to be stuck in?


A super Walmart, specifically!


ThellraAK t1_j1lacq2 wrote

Wouldn't a super target be slightly nicer?


Doright36 t1_j1lnxbg wrote

Target doesn't have a big of a sporting goods/camping section I think. At least they never use to (been a bit since I've been in one. You could all find your own sleeping bags and tents in Wal-mart


Penla t1_j1m7hqi wrote

Id just claim a display couch/futon


MissTzatziki t1_j1lgn5t wrote

Gotta be Costco for me. I've daydreamt about it multiple times as well haha


False_Flatworm_4512 t1_j1mc238 wrote

Dunk on Walmart all you want, but this story is wholesome AF. The deli employees made a big dinner, and they took games off the shelves to play with. They blew up the store’s air mattresses for sleeping.

Somehow, a Walmart out-Christianed Joel Osteen.


HurricaneAlpha t1_j1moy6o wrote

Yeah that's wholesome as fuck. People hate on walmart a lot but the people that work at Walmart are, you know, people.


Impressive-Hold7812 t1_j1nlh58 wrote

People pretend to be better than they are; to posture above more common folk.

Enjoy Tar-jay.

Growing up in the Bay Area instilled in me a great hatred for yuppy, nouveu riche, faux-sophisticated bullshit, like people could shop for culture to fill the void that is their souls, in denial of what their ancestors did to get them to the point where Trader Joe's is the floor of shopping establishments for them.


zwiebelhans t1_j1p08qv wrote

You very succinctly described the feeling I got when I drove through Whistler BC. North American Ski resort towns are epitome of fake. Even McDonalds had to abide by the decor rules and was only allowed a small arches sign.

I drove us out of there as fast as I could.


vemeron t1_j1wcro3 wrote

>Somehow, a Walmart out-Christianed Joel Osteen.

Shit out Christian him and I'm an atheist


False_Flatworm_4512 t1_j1xa3ks wrote

The vast majority of atheists I know out-Christian him (and most Christian’s tbh) on a daily basis.


bodhiseppuku t1_j1l5v45 wrote

I wonder where I could find a pillow and a warm blanket, oh and an inflatable mattress?

Isles h21, j40, and j45...


Enlightened-Beaver t1_j1m1bxt wrote

They did actually set up inflatable mattresses and got pillows for everyone.


CoolestNebraskanEver t1_j1kw3cx wrote

This is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted something like this to happen to me.


circlingsky t1_j1kw73e wrote

Same, only thing better would b if it was an Ikea


the_simurgh t1_j1l1d2o wrote

greedily hoarding and eating all the meatballs when someone tries to take some.


all for simurgh!

goes back to greedily hoarding and eating all the meatballs.


thiskillstheredditor t1_j1l01bw wrote

5 minutes in a Walmart is a nightmare. You really want to spend the night?


CoolestNebraskanEver t1_j1l25ah wrote

Yeah it would be fun


Raw_Venus t1_j1l4v37 wrote

Sir/mama/them? with respect, your definition of 'fun' is very different from mine. Personally I got better things to do then be stuck at Walmart on Christmas Eve.


theodore_j_detweiler t1_j1lvoul wrote

What are you going to do? You can't just start opening everything. You'd be sitting on the floor all night


raynethackery t1_j1kv5kr wrote

Just pray that SCP-3008 isn't expanding.


EmbarrassedHelp t1_j1mbtt4 wrote

I'd definitely watch a movie or TV show featuring SCP-3008. It might also make a really interesting survival game as well.


ButterflyAttack t1_j1lei1k wrote

Mmm IKEA meatballs. The rest of the journal sounds a bit disconcerting though.


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_j1l8duv wrote

I mean, if you had to be stuck somewhere I’d guess a place with all your bedding needs and food would be a pretty good choice.

Kind of gives me Hey Arnold vibes from the episode where the subway power goes out and they’re stuck on it. They’re miserable and anxious at first, but then they bond and end up singing together. Art imitating life.


helium_farts t1_j1mjkrc wrote

Yeah. There are definitely worse stores to get stranded in.


PaleontologistClear4 t1_j1mf8ms wrote

All these comments hating on Walmart, yet haven't seen a single one saying that at least they had a place to rest/sleep instead of freezing the death in their car or something.


Complete_Entry t1_j1kwpei wrote

I wanted to do this as a kid, but under those circumstances I'd be worried about surviving.


iNuclearPickle t1_j1m1efh wrote

For me I’d be panicking as a kid as change for something with autism was not fun


kstinfo t1_j1kwqot wrote

These folks will sing Walmart's praises forever.


hereforff t1_j1kyzva wrote

> "I told the officer I just need to get to the next corner and I'm home. He said, 'It doesn't matter. Turn around and go back to Walmart.'"

No way people are remembering this as a good experience lol.


ClubMeSoftly t1_j1l9rpf wrote

"Oh, you're 30 seconds from home? Nope. Go back 1.49 km to the walmart. That's your home now."


no1ofimport t1_j1l319s wrote

Some good PR for them as I can assure you they aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their hearts


rocketpack99 t1_j1mfcy0 wrote

Probably wouldn't expect corporate Walmart to condone something like this, but gotta give huge credit to the management and staff at that local Walmart for doing the right thing and turning a bad situation into something with some kindness and even fun, busting out a few board games.


HurricaneAlpha t1_j1mp6zr wrote

Every Walmart has a budget for "store use" items they can grab off the shelf and use. I'm sure this instance exceeded that budget, but I'm also sure there is an emergency use clause that lets them bypass that limit.


Kind_Dress t1_j1m41ju wrote

My first thought was that all these employees will get fired for letting customers stay in the store after closing time.


Omgbbqkittens t1_j1llbi4 wrote

This is an episode of Superstore.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j1mc8o2 wrote

Why, these are just well-stocked Backrooms!


Voodoo_Masta t1_j1mv3bx wrote

When Walmart has more humanity than the fucking Governor of Texas…


Reditate t1_j1n5sxw wrote

This actually sounds kinda cool.


Impressive-Hold7812 t1_j1nkuo3 wrote

When I was stationed in Kansas, I'd make the annual leave trip to California. Normally there would be winter conditions to contend with, and I knew to park at a Wallyworld if things got too bad and keep going inside for supplies.

At one point, my car was accidentally Angry Birds themed from Walmart merch I'd pick up to make it thru the night.

Whatever the storm threw at me, I could just by a solution at Walmart, and convoy out behind the big rigs as they formed up and went back on the interstate.


Alf-eats-cats t1_j1o9mu2 wrote

Hopefully no one has a baby on aisle 5.


mythik1ll t1_j1mi5k3 wrote

Reminds me of that superstore episode lol


Fryceratops t1_j1mnhcp wrote

If I had to get trapped somewhere the place that has food, blankets, beds, pillows, and crockpots/microwaves isnt the worst place


chaekinman t1_j1p2cqp wrote

I can see it now - eventually wandering the aisles aimlessly….lost and searching for canned goods. Getting approached by hostile forces around every corner, with slack-jawed employees offering little aid….

And that’s on a normal Walmart trip


Ravekat1 t1_j1lfo36 wrote

Am I reading this right, it’s days they booked a room in Chatham, Kent. Which is where I live in the UK. Do you guys have a Chatham in Kent, or has it just doxxed me via IP in the news report?


eltigrechino94 t1_j1libtj wrote

Chatham-Kent is a place (town, city, dunno not googling it) in Ontario, Canada.

You'll find almost every place in the UK has a twin somewhere in North America. I've never heard of my towns twin but there was a grizzly church murder in Midlothian, Texas which is named after my county.


Ravekat1 t1_j1lie5n wrote

Thanks! Yea I’ve noticed the twin thing before, but never a town, then a city / district. Double twin!

FYI Chatham has a dockyard which was in use from 1532, so possibly the Canadian town is named by settlers familiar with it.


steve2phonesmackabee t1_j1ls30n wrote

There's a pretty cool screaming heads tourist attraction in Midlothian Ontario.


eltigrechino94 t1_j1lt0sa wrote

Didn't even know Canada had one too. Not surprised but its fun to know.


Soliae t1_j1up4sz wrote

There is a Midlothian in Virginia as well, although Richmond has largely gobbled it up.


Impressive-Potato t1_j1mzajq wrote

We have many of the same town/city names here in Ontario. Canada is a British colony, remember?


Zonel t1_j1n99il wrote

Half of Ontario is named after places in UK. The other half random other European places.