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educateyourself1 t1_j1kwuh8 wrote

Yeah, you’ve got heat and food and bathrooms, but your at Walmart for hours.


bodhiseppuku t1_j1l5yng wrote

I hear if you are inside a Walmart for over 24 hours, you grow a magical mullet.


Beneficial_Tough3345 t1_j1lgksy wrote

Go to the sporting goods section they have sleeping bags and camp stoves and all the camping stuff you want just say fuck it and use it


calguy1955 t1_j1m9v1s wrote

I picture 100 Walmart shoppers fighting over 20 sleeping bags and air mattresses. Pure carnage.


Aquarian222 t1_j1mzxny wrote

Too much effort. I’ll just go to the baby department and sleep in a crib.


SirDrexl t1_j1mp403 wrote

Get some duct tape and make a mattress of paper towel rolls.


PatacusX t1_j1mmvyu wrote

But is Canadian Walmart fancier? Like, their deli probably serves poutine, there are nice portraits of Avril Lavigne on the wall, and a special area of the parking lot for Zambonis.


zzxxccbbvn t1_j1mrd8w wrote

I'm laughing at the idea of these elaborate Victorian style portraits of Avril Lavigne hanging up on the walls of Walmart 😂


robexib t1_j1njsaw wrote

You chide, but I'd rather be stuck in a Wal-Mart for a day than stuck in an Arctic freeze for even an hour. Despite the stereotypes, you're far less likely to die in the Wal-Mart


DeadLikeYou t1_j1njra5 wrote

Igght, imma head out.

*freezes instantly like in SpongeBob*