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Mental_Attitude_2952 t1_j0xxjh9 wrote

Social media should be banned on all government equipment anyway. I'm shouldnt have to pay for someone to pick up chicks tinder.

Business shouldnt allow their workers to use those apps either, atleast not on company equipment.

I could careless if people want to tiktok or facebook or find dudes to 69 with on grindr. That all sounds great. Just do it on your own dime.


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_j0y3k1f wrote

You do realize that quite a few businesses use social media as part of the business right? And belowbefore you complain about it, where would you go to find out about any products anymore? Or where would they go to test products? Or network with other people in the business?

I know your job may not rely on it but some people's jobs do