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2SP00KY4ME t1_j0y1wia wrote

Have you tried asking them? You know, like a normal human being who communicates?


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_j0y3o50 wrote

No, because then they have to actually show how disdainful they really are and they don't want to do that.

What they forget is that if it wasn't TikTok videos it would be something else. And they would still have to interact with people.


2SP00KY4ME t1_j0y3sof wrote

>they have to actually show how disdainful they really are

"I'm glad you guys enjoy those TikTok vids but it's just not my thing, so I'd appreciate if you skip me over when sharing them. Thanks."

This is basic adulting.


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_j0y5fmp wrote

Yeah you know, if he was capable of doing that before he was at the point of commenting the way he did I'm pretty sure he would have.

That's kind of why I describe most people like that as disdainful.

If they are taking up too much of his workday and interrupting productivity then he should definitely say something.

If it's not interrupting his workday then there's really two things going on here

  1. he doesn't want any interaction with his co-workers on a personal level

  2. he specifically hates short format videos.

If it's 1 and he doesn't want them to realize it then he's going to have to put up with this because it's always going to be something. If he doesn't care he can just make it clear

If it's 2 then what you said would be great in a version that he would say. But it's probably going to kind of isolate him because you have to think about what he's saying. "Hey, I know you enjoy this thing but don't come to me with it because I don't want you to share your enjoyment with me"

I think it would personally be better to say that he doesn't get as much enjoyment out of them but let them know that if there's are any that really make them think of him he wouldn't mind seeing them. That shows that he is engaged in the office culture but asking them to respect him as well.

He's allowed to say no to all of them. But if they are THAT big a part of the office culture that people love them that much then that's something to consider


gonzo8927 t1_j10qovd wrote

I tried this with my mom, and I think it came across as Greek Hyrogliphs, because the videos in my inbox have never missed a beat


2SP00KY4ME t1_j11uvd5 wrote

Did you bring it up again?


gonzo8927 t1_j1445p1 wrote

Yeah, she says "I just send it to everyone, so it doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't watch them"