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kudichangedlives t1_j1g5jj8 wrote

Hey that's me! All's I want is to be able to make some warm food and watch the wire, but cold fries and reddit are all I have

Also I'm so far north I'm almost in Canada, so it's pretty chilly out

E: ok have the power again!


sinmantky t1_j1gsyeb wrote

Portal, North Dakota?


kudichangedlives t1_j1gt2ol wrote

Cook county, Minnesota. Whole county has been down for 7 hours


sinmantky t1_j1gtbpj wrote

Rent a room at Thunder Bay, will probably be cheaper than the heat bill you’ll get. Modern problems require modern solutions.


kudichangedlives t1_j1gtqar wrote

My heat is electric supplemented by wood stove. Also don't have a passport on hand. Also I couldn't even get there as I need gas and don't have any cash, when the county loses power you can't use credit cards in town. Annnndddd downtown is closed right now because a roof came off a business and they don't want people down there because of all the wind and debris


zedemer t1_j1i4n7s wrote

Not so bad in Canada so far though. Like 3-4 ft of snow and some ice, but power has been on in most places


kudichangedlives t1_j1ik0p0 wrote

We're approaching 24 hours of no power here. The most annoying thing is that it was flickering off and on for like 5 minutes a few hours ago.


zedemer t1_j1iy5pi wrote

Sorry to hear that. Friendly reminder: turn off most breakers until power comes back. This way you avoid having electronics break due to power surges. Keep one breaker for something basic like lights.


kudichangedlives t1_j1iyl1n wrote

Well it came back on less than 2 minutes ago, let's hope it stays on. This place is prone to power outages and that's never happened in 40 years