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kudichangedlives t1_j1ggy2z wrote

Preferably both, but I would say that a stove fireplace is much more reliable and you don't need gas at hand to use it, though I suppose you need wood at hand


GroinShotz t1_j1gj7tw wrote

You can also cook on it!


ButterflyAttack t1_j1i2wow wrote

I do proper quality baked potatoes in my wood burner. Wrap a baking potato in foil, pop it on the embers and turn every twenty minutes or so. Give it a couple of hours and it's perfect. I have mine with loads of butter, and tuna and sweetcorn but I'm willing to accept that there may be other valid accompaniments.

Or, yeah, you can stand a pot on top. Wood burners are great for stuff like stews and curries that want to cook for a while.


Cutiecrusader2009 t1_j1hynse wrote

Some people have standby generators. They don’t have to do anything when the power cuts out. You can have it run off natural gas or propane.


grainia99 t1_j1idaxo wrote

We have the generator and the stove is planned but have to redo the chimney first. Grew up with a wood stove and nothing beats one for winter back up. Saved my moms life during the 1998 ice storm (13 days without power and the lane wasn't open for 8 of them).