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warheadmikey t1_j282cnc wrote

Jails are overcrowded in both Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Unless it’s a violent crime you will get bailed out. I remember a guy out on bail for car theft, arrested again for car theft( passed out in stolen car with coke and a weapon in his lap. Let out on remand the next day


couldhvdancedallnite t1_j28qetb wrote

He was convicted in a case involving kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon in Nov 2021 and was out on bail before sentencing. Skipped out on sentencing, arrested, and given bail again.


HanaBothWays t1_j2b1u3g wrote

In a state with progressive bail reform laws (ooh, scary, I know!) like Illinois he would not have been eligible for bail at all after something like that! Bail is stupid.


mamawantsallama t1_j28f6hx wrote

Funny because our House Rep. Ken Calvert from that area was also caught with something on his lap in his car but she was a hooker with his penis in her mouth and he just got re-elected so I'm not sure the Repubs actually care about making things better. They just like to pretend to care while concern trolling.


capt-yossarius t1_j28iir9 wrote

Even the people whose job it is to make things better aren't interested in making things better. If there were a magic wand you could wave to eliminate crime, judges and attorneys and cops would be against it. There would otherwise be no bloated public system for them to work in.