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8008sgme2damoon t1_j19objf wrote

Are you referring to conservatives when they place "Joe Biden did this" stickers at the ⛽🛢 pump?


Littlebotweak t1_j19ppli wrote

My gas is under $2.50 now, I’m gonna start putting up those stickers. Thanks, Joe!


NancyPelBroski t1_j19xpqk wrote

Someone was complaining because he tapped into the SOR to lower gas prices. I don’t get it, no matter what he does they will bitch and moan.


Littlebotweak t1_j19ykfj wrote

Well, before that they were complaining that he wouldn't do that, so yea. Damned if he do, damned if he do not.


Haunting-Ad788 t1_j1abuip wrote

Yeah dude. They don’t have an ideology other than “my team good” and “their team bad.” Expecting any nuance beyond that is a fools errand.


0zymandeus t1_j1a608w wrote

It was that low around here, but they ticked price up a dollar a gallon in order to price gouge ahead of this winter storm


EvangelionGonzalez t1_j1aej9g wrote

I saw this exact thing happen between my commute to work and lunch break. It was $3.15 on the way in, $3.90 at lunch. If you went two miles down the road, it was still around $3.25. It just happened that the $3.90 station is a much larger company and a much more trafficked area. Gouging people is disgusting.


lvlint67 t1_j1cbh9r wrote

I drive 20 minutes to work. Gas is consistently ~$0.50/gal more expensive on the work end. (Same chain).


diamond t1_j1azn3u wrote

I just love how every time the Republicans try to come up with an anti-Biden meme, it somehow blows up in their face.

First "Let's Go Brandon" gets turned into "Dark Brandon", and now all of their shitty little stickers are giving Biden credit for falling gas prices. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.


lvlint67 t1_j1cbkln wrote

Sometimes I just kinda wish I could get in on the grifting. It's such an easy market to exploit and separate from their money.