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Littlebotweak t1_j19ppli wrote

My gas is under $2.50 now, I’m gonna start putting up those stickers. Thanks, Joe!


NancyPelBroski t1_j19xpqk wrote

Someone was complaining because he tapped into the SOR to lower gas prices. I don’t get it, no matter what he does they will bitch and moan.


Littlebotweak t1_j19ykfj wrote

Well, before that they were complaining that he wouldn't do that, so yea. Damned if he do, damned if he do not.


Haunting-Ad788 t1_j1abuip wrote

Yeah dude. They don’t have an ideology other than “my team good” and “their team bad.” Expecting any nuance beyond that is a fools errand.


0zymandeus t1_j1a608w wrote

It was that low around here, but they ticked price up a dollar a gallon in order to price gouge ahead of this winter storm


EvangelionGonzalez t1_j1aej9g wrote

I saw this exact thing happen between my commute to work and lunch break. It was $3.15 on the way in, $3.90 at lunch. If you went two miles down the road, it was still around $3.25. It just happened that the $3.90 station is a much larger company and a much more trafficked area. Gouging people is disgusting.


lvlint67 t1_j1cbh9r wrote

I drive 20 minutes to work. Gas is consistently ~$0.50/gal more expensive on the work end. (Same chain).