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SsiSsiSsiSsi t1_j20xrio wrote

What a nightmare, a bunch of young people the system and society don’t trust, and a bunch of people with power over them and unlimited access.


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j210b31 wrote

It is a whole industry in Utah.


disasterbot t1_j211rco wrote

It’s also a religion.


groveborn t1_j227tef wrote

Suffer the little children to come unto me

Seems like it's built right in


ipleadthefif5 t1_j263rwq wrote

>Suffer the little children to come unto me

Change one letter in this sentence and it gets a lot more accurate to the situation


technomicon t1_j220dod wrote

Another big industry here are sketchy and numerous rehab centers with little oversight. Something about Utah encourages them, everything from cheap land and money scams to religious conservatism with a foundational tenet to "save" people. That's not to say that some of these clinics have merit, a friend of mine swears by one and had a good experience with one.

There are many horror stories though, makes me sad.


ImPattMan t1_j215fed wrote

Fuuuuck man, I wasn't expecting that one.

I still miss her.... (a chick that left me because I wouldn't join her cult)...


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j215rx3 wrote

Oh, Utah has an entire "Jailing kids for fun and profit while calling it therapy," industry. Kids have died in those places. And since the LDS church approves of this treatment, nobody does a thing.


ImPattMan t1_j215ypm wrote

I figured you were referencing how the church treats young women as breed sows essentially. Making new members for the church, and having them pay for the privilege.


Blenderx06 t1_j21jvjz wrote

Well it is certainly a side effect of pushing people to have as many kids as possible from a young age. No wonder the parents can't handle them as they get older.


corio90 t1_j22z8b5 wrote

My wife was sent to Cross Creek Academy in La Verkin 18 years ago. The stories she tells sound like a twisted version of a teen prison ran by predatory men with power addiction issues. She is still fighting demons.


mces97 t1_j22es7l wrote

And not one person who screams about librarians and drag shows will share this or condemn it.


Dirtyjerzyy1992 t1_j23vm0e wrote

Yo I swear I had the biggest argument with 2 dunces I work with about this yesterday


CyanideKitty t1_j20yb1w wrote

So many pedophiles in law enforcement, we need to keep children away from them.


Frankenmuppet t1_j2162ez wrote

Reminds me of the serial statutory rapist police officer in my old town... 32 years he was on the force, dodging responsibility. He raped a good friend of mine while in uniform when she was only 13... This was 25 years ago

He was eventually let go recently after they found child pornography in his house he had taken out of the evidence locker.


johnn48 t1_j21gqez wrote

>Chief Rick Bourassa lays out 25 allegations which include assaults, attempted fraud, inappropriate behaviour with a minor, habitually providing misleading information, unsafe storage of firearms and inappropriate physical contact with a female co-worker.

And Yet Murdock contends the:

>chief's decision to fire him was "excessive, unwarranted, unnecessary and inappropriate."

And we wonder why he’s merely being fired, rather than charged.


Mythosaurus t1_j24uxof wrote

Bc conservatives think the upper castes are inherently good people who temporarily do a bad thing, while lower castes are inherently bad people the sometimes go against their nature and do a good thing.

It’s why judges feel compelled to give lighter sentences to pedo pastors and police. They always say it will “ruin a good life” as if there is a grander, God-sanctioned narrative that MUST play out.

But send a homeless person stealing a sandwich or a black guy caught with weed into their court! They will trip over their robes in the rush to throw the book at them and “make an example” for the community.


BurnThrough t1_j21c9gt wrote

I can totally support his firing, but referring to him as “moose jaw” seems a little over the top…


trollsmurf t1_j21jgps wrote

They should be kept out of law enforcement. If law enforcement can't be trusted for doing a legal and objective job, then who to trust?


Alexander_Granite t1_j258bla wrote

We have so many pedophiles on the planet. It’s not just law enforcement, it’s everywhere.


redander t1_j21j6zu wrote

Wow the troubled teen industry sucks and apparently so does the state run troubled teen industry. Isn't there some judges that have even been caught getting kick backs for sending kids to juvenile detention centers. It's truly sickening.

r/troubledteens for the camps I'm not sure about a sub for kids sent to juvenile halls.


bowtie25 t1_j21qz4c wrote

Yeah the sober/recovery aspect is so fucking shady. Don’t even get me started on sober living for adults.

There’s a place in my town that owns one with no money out of pocket they charge ur insurance rent and all ur food and meds (overprescribed like crazy) and with little to no support and people actively using, when you eventually relapsed you went to…….

The rehab that they own! Where they would do the same but for like 45-50k a month instead of 20k

And you could do this literally over and over for free with no consequences

There’s some good ppl in all of those things but far too many are run by greed. The recovery industry has some dark parts ofc


Ksh_667 t1_j22leu2 wrote

Body Brokers was a good film about this. I'm in UK & our detox/ rehab system is thankfully very different. I was shocked at the shenanigans that went on. All based on a true story.


Early-Light-864 t1_j25j9yp wrote

Yes in PA two judges were convicted of that - they were receiving bribes for sentencing children to the for-profit detention centers. Thousands of lives destroyed for a bit of money to people that were already rich.

Google "kids for cash" for the full story.


craigathan t1_j21spz1 wrote

This is why kids need a bill of rights. You can pretty much do anything you want to a kid as long as the parent is ok with it. Lock them up, starve them, torture them, insult them, scream at them, try to pray away the gay from them, brainwash them, cut off contact from other kids, force them to attend church, synagogue, mosque, indoctrinate them, force them to work, force them not to work, take all their earnings. It just goes on and on. It's weird how kids are treated like they are the literal property of their parents.


FruitcakeAndCrumb t1_j20yase wrote

I'm sure the people who couldn't be cops wouldn't take out their anger of literal children who were at their mercy. Then they never woulf would happen in the good ol' USofA!


mostly_hrmless t1_j234wif wrote

Ever since I saw Sleepers I just assume this happens most every juvenile facility.


yukcheuksung t1_j22ncm7 wrote

How is this not a human rights violation?


Blenderx06 t1_j21l141 wrote

Same thing happened in Idaho. I expect it's rampant at these places.


willit1016 t1_j24y9rw wrote

school to prison pipeline and then they get abused shameful.


Archdukeraoul t1_j20y05x wrote

Real good LA City Gov. Real good!


hkajs t1_j22pjun wrote

Yea its weird so many people in the comments are acting like abuse of power isn't a widespread systemic issue in almost all institutions near power, and that this issue is just somehow constrained to law enforcement.