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Dvoraxx t1_j28t0rv wrote

Kyiv independent has been insanely anti Russia for ages. It’s basically the only source for all the stories about Russian warcrimes


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_j29kw23 wrote

Nothing insane about it. The only sensible position to take.


Dvoraxx t1_j29lzwb wrote

My point is that people are very quick to dismiss anything remotely negative about Ukraine as Russian propaganda

The comment I replied to didn’t even say it was fake. They literally said “people who are aligned with Russia say it’s bad, therefore it must be good” and tried to imply the Kyiv Independent is under Russian control


Konras t1_j28tzge wrote

By "from ages" you mean - since November last year?


mrlolloran t1_j28yjp1 wrote

I don’t follow them but they’ve had a good reason since about March 2014 imo


Konras t1_j295esd wrote

Kiev Independent was founded in November 2021.


mrlolloran t1_j295jpx wrote

So nobody who founded it or working there can have opinions from before the paper was founded?

Edit: people downvoting me are smooth brained af. That’s like saying I couldn’t have an opinion or stance on 9/11 if I started a newspaper next week because it already happened.