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VyrPlan t1_j0594jd wrote

oh i don't know, they look like totally legit meat salesmen to me


creggieb t1_j05n51e wrote

Nothing says professionalism like the way they unload meat from the trunk of their Monte carlo


Thepsyguy t1_j063br4 wrote

Man I miss my Monte Carlo... Don't miss the smell of dog meat though.


Hall-Double t1_j09ujss wrote

I've seen homeless dudes more presentable than these two.....


dasroach0 t1_j0914ch wrote

It was the windowless U-Haul can ping up that really gave me the authenticeat dealer feel.


piTehT_tsuJ t1_j059ixt wrote

Probably more like real beef than whats in those tacos now anyway.


Vergillarge t1_j05c724 wrote

capitalism breeds innovation


Blackdow01 t1_j05e4dh wrote

I read that as Inbreeding.


KelbyGInsall t1_j06p618 wrote

Capitalism leads to inbreeding. I'll run with that. Google “Cops 40%” while you're at it.


T-Weed- t1_j05dhfk wrote

Cricket and Frank up to no good


spacepeenuts t1_j05yxzu wrote

Another family business shut down thanks to the man!


Politicsboringagain t1_j08ir33 wrote

Republicans and liberterians would be okay with this because "regulations are bad".


Chance_Bluebird_5788 t1_j0bqvbk wrote

Yeah, everyone with a different political view than me must be ok with slaughtering street dogs and selling their meat under false pretenses, because they are bad and I'm good


Politicsboringagain t1_j0l35gz wrote

"Regulations bad."

That is the republican mantra.

So yeah, they would be okay with this.


diiejso t1_j05b1uk wrote

Why is it animal abuse to kill and eat a dog but not a cow?


m0le t1_j05lmmq wrote

Why is it acceptable to show men's nipples in public but not women's?

Sometimes society decides weird things. Feel free to push for change if it's what you care deeply about, but I have other stuff on my plate. You can't care about everything.


lamby284 t1_j06sg3y wrote

Cutting out animal products is one the best things you can do as an individual for the environment, your health, and the livestock you would be sparing. It is worth caring about.


DocHolidayiN t1_j06yaqf wrote

I've got zero problems leaving the dog meat off of my plate.


m0le t1_j06yq2i wrote

I don't often drive (<1000 miles a year) and I'm not having kids. That reduces my environmental impact massively.

Health-wise, it would be incredibly difficult to manage a meat free diet with my existing medical conditions (I can't eat any foods with tyramine, so for example anything containing soy, anything fermented, etc).

As for livestock welfare, I would rather accept that animal husbandry is here for the long term and push for higher standards.


11340113052111609 t1_j06y6wy wrote

Want some of my Chicken bake?


lamby284 t1_j06z8db wrote

Broiler chickens grow so large and fast due to selective breeding that some of them their legs break under them and they die on the feces-covered floor of organ failure. I don't eat chickens.


Yankas t1_j063g83 wrote

There is nothing wrong with eating dogs. Defrauding people and running a butcher-shop from your rancid rundown apartment, on the other hand ...


rrybwyb t1_j07bswf wrote

This comment not having -100 concerns me


Ocyanea t1_j06wnqh wrote

Because we like dogs more than cows. They are deeply ingrained in western society as companion animals.

And that’s okay. Caring more deeply for those we have some sort of connection with is normal and natural. The idea that it’s somehow hypocritical for someone to not care equally about all living things has always been so weird to me. That’s not how humans work.


permalink_save t1_j05s1dn wrote

Serious answer is if they are lying about the meat they sold, likely did not put them out in a humane manner. They probsbly had atrocious conditions while holding the dogs for slaughter too. I'd say the same can apply to cows, but this is Mexico and I am not even that familiar with our own laws here let alone another country. The dogs might have belonged to other people. Probably also trying to stack charges on top of lying about dog meat.


Hostillian t1_j0609h4 wrote

I'm going to guess that there was plenty of evidence pointing to these two idiots not doing it humanely.

The meat industry needs to show that they slaughter animals humanely.


takes3todango t1_j06oc7d wrote

>The meat industry needs to show that they slaughter animals humanely.

Is that what the ag gag laws are for?


lamby284 t1_j06snx3 wrote

Watch Dominion. Shows how livestock is made and turned into food. If you eat animal products you ought to know.


Hostillian t1_j06zecw wrote

Did you not get the point I was trying to make? Are you really saying that these two jokers followed the same standards as the entire meat industry - or are you just pointing out a few bad actors? 🙄

I did originally put 'at least pretend to act humanely' but thought that was perhaps a bit cynical - and there are always companies that will ignore the rules. Especially when checks are few and fines or prison are small or non-existant.


Elephanogram t1_j05wkm8 wrote

Hey one vegetarian dude who comes here to argue cows are dogs ironically sending more people away from vegetarianism.

Every topic about dog or cat abuse has one of you.


diiejso t1_j05x5qa wrote

I’m not vegetarian I eat meat all the time. I don’t see any difference between me eating a taco whether it’s beef or dog if they both taste good. Since several cultures eat dog I assume it’s tasty but I’ve yet to have the opportunity. But sure keep making assumptions to keep up that smug attitude of yours lol.


Ksh_667 t1_j05kubg wrote

I am shocked that anyone would buy anything supposedly edible from these 2 crackhead looking scumbags. Never been so glad that I dont eat meat.


wildskater96 t1_j05y5h5 wrote

Hey! Their shop at 123 Alley St behind that dumpster was so professional though!!!


Seanzzzpdx t1_j05d44z wrote

Bad sign buying your meat in a bucket and hearing a squeaky toy...


Bwembo t1_j06580v wrote

Thinking about sinking my canines into some canines. Do great danes make great tacos?


MainCareless t1_j06r3wg wrote

They look meaty enough. Let’s feed them to dogs.


Hall-Double t1_j06t9vs wrote

Would you buy anything from these dudes ?????


MississippiJoel t1_j08aoe0 wrote

>Neighbors filmed videos of the grisly and malodorous evidence, El Universal reported. The newspaper said the men – who had apparently been slaughtering dogs for years – were frequently seen wearing butcher’s aprons but told neighbors they repaired religious objects for a living.

These guys must be amazing salesmen.


Pointwelltaken1 t1_j06mtk9 wrote

Why would anyone buy anything from these guys?


Chance_Bluebird_5788 t1_j0br5uq wrote

My guess is that everyone involved, from these guys to the taqueria operators to their customers are all in poverty and just trying to scrape by with limited options and opportunities


Dr-Chris-C t1_j05wo3c wrote

Just read a funny meme then got completely deflated by this headline. Thanks again, humans


GeddyVedder t1_j07gsz1 wrote

Those street tacos were a little ruff.

…I’ll see myself out…


dblack246 t1_j09br64 wrote

I've heard of having a little hair of the dog, but this is ridiculous.


Apis_Proboscis t1_j065vyo wrote

They should have just sold it to taco bell in the states. They would have been given cullinary awards for singlehandedly improving the brand.



aShittierShitTier4u t1_j059n6m wrote

The prosecutor should have the defendants sit down before the judge and jury, and then have the bailiff walk a dog on a leash up to them. The dog will start barking and bugging out in court. Guilty on all counts, unanimous verdict with very little time required to return the verdict to the judge.