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dern_the_hermit t1_j233s54 wrote

> This guy can't even articulate what they are protesting

It's the ethic of total retaliation:

> "Their lack of education has not only rendered them completely useless in a highly technical economy, but it has also given them the leisure to cultivate a powerful resentment… and to translate it into a destructive cult which the mass media insists on portraying as a sort of isolated oddity” destined for extinction.

> Studs Terkel, after reading that passage out loud in a 1967 interview with Thompson, calls it “the key” to the entire book. “Here we have technology, we have the computer, we have labor-saving devices,” he says to Thompson, but we also “have the need for more and more college education for almost any kind of job, and we have this tremendous mass of young who find themselves obsolete.” But Thompson replies that the real consequences have only started to manifest: “The people who are being left out and put behind won’t be obvious for years. Christ only knows what’ll happen in, say, 1985 — a million Hell’s Angels. They won’t be wearing the colors; they’ll be people who are just looking for vengeance because they’ve been left behind.”


LemonFreshenedBorax- t1_j249glo wrote

I'm sorry but this is slightly off base. There were a handful of angry redneck thrill-seekers in Ottawa last year but most of the protesters tended to be reasonably-well-off small business owners whose grievances were not necessarily economic in nature (i.e. fascism's traditional power base). If our society's actual left-behind people were to try that shit, they would have their heads caved in by the police inside of twelve hours.

If you own a lifted F-350 and you can afford to skip work for three weeks, you have not been "left out" of anything important, with the possible exception of good taste.


tehmlem t1_j24v76q wrote

The small town elite expressing their rage that being the big fish in a small town doesn't entitle them to social control.


dern_the_hermit t1_j24wh3z wrote

> If you own a lifted F-350 and you can afford to skip work for three weeks, you have not been "left out" of anything important

But you sure can FEEL that you have been left out, which matters more than the actual reality of their situation.


BruceRee33 t1_j256w9w wrote

Seeing as a lot of these Freedom Convoy participants were inspired by Trump and his moronic supporters in the US, I find it ironic that they are protesting because of how they feel. What was that slogan again that conservatives are so fond of? Oh yeah, it was, "F*ck your feelings." They can dish it out abundantly but they sure can't take it at all lol.


nsci2ece t1_j27ciim wrote

It's the same with the Jan 6 insurrection.

The vast majority of participants were very, very far above the poverty level.


InternationalFig400 t1_j2553dn wrote

"A year ago Anne Case and Angus Deaton, Princeton University economists, published a study with the startling finding that since 1999 death rates have been going up for white Americans aged 45-54. It is even worse than it sounds, since death rates were declining for the general population. One of the big reasons for this increased death rate has been increased use of opiods and other drugs, leading to overdoses, along with liver disease from drinking too much alcohol and increased suicide rates. The problems were especially acute among working class and rural whites with only high school or less, and later studies found that they extended to younger members of this social class in their 20s and 30s. Loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs was clearly a primary reason for this despair.

Compared to 1999, white workers, according to another recent study in the Commonwealth Foundation: “have lower incomes, fewer are employed, and fewer are married.” This study found other causes for the increased death rates than just the ones mentioned above, but didn’t deny the Princeton findings."

The study pertains to the US, but these are the kinds of material conditions which give rise to political grievance(s) that galvanize the masses and result in these kinds of protests and movements, regardless of SES, i.e., class.

Capitalism is dying--wages and incomes in terms of purchasing power have stagnated the last 40 plus years. We are experiencing spiralling inflation, and politicians deflect and point fingers away from the economic roots of the problem.


dern_the_hermit t1_j25avll wrote

> but these are the kinds of material conditions which give rise to political grievance(s)

They're also conditions that can be CAUSED by political grievances, mind. Poor health care systems can lead to overprescribing of painkillers and poor support during recovery, for instance.

It's not like society handed these guys a few beers and them bam they want to overthrow the government.


InternationalFig400 t1_j260o0o wrote

I think in terms of causality, the economic decay is giving rise to political action.

We didn't see any of this in the post war period until the 1970s as there was a sharp rise in the rate of inflation. The leap frogging between capital and labour over inflation led to an increase in class conflict--historical data showed a rise in strikes and lockouts that peaked in 1976, when over a million people protested on parliament hill. It continued on into the 80s, but not as much, as the policy of full employment was dropped by Ottawa......

The analysis by Cole argues that the economic decay of the hollowing out of industrial sectors (the "rust belt"), gave rise to political actions and grievances, not so much the reverse.....


dern_the_hermit t1_j2619iy wrote

> We didn't see any of this in the post war period

The stuff I initially referenced above was about the Hell's Angels, formed in 1948.


Amerlis t1_j2324bg wrote

Milking the donation cow for every drop.


nsci2ece t1_j27cdas wrote

The majority of participants weren't truckers.

Over 90% of Canadian truckers were vaccinated + the only vaccine mandate that could genuinely impact truckers was under the jurisdiction of the USA. Unvaccinated Canadians cannot enter the USA because of an American policy, so any quarantine requirement is a complete and total non-issue (can't "return" to Canada if you can't leave to begin with).


CrankyVince2 t1_j2358vy wrote

sleeping in a tent in Winnipeg in February to own the libs.


Atotallyrandomname t1_j23rncj wrote

I am very owned by their freezing


NextTrillion t1_j26st1d wrote

No one should ever be able to wear t-shirts. I want to “cancel” t-shirts. I would feel extremely owned if some freedum fighters were to wear only t-shirts in that weather.

Holy shit would I ever feel owned.


CanuckFack t1_j24ltu1 wrote

They could own the libs harder if they ditch the tent!


Menarra t1_j251p33 wrote

Makes a lot more sense when you know the ones holding the purse strings and organizing these convoys are Russia sewing dissent and chaos among their rivals like they always do.


DreamsAndSchemes t1_j23u1ev wrote

I feel like they haven’t been to Winnipeg in February


ArchdukeToes t1_j26mx60 wrote

I was due to do a field trial in Winnipeg in February (I’m UK) until they described the conditions and it ended up being ‘you know what? We’re not in that much of a rush.’


quitofilms t1_j234jk0 wrote

>Bauder said this coming convoy in Winnipeg would be focused on “solutions for a better world for all Canadians” but he did not elaborate on what that means.

So, you would think they would work that out before...but no


LightInthewater t1_j23roip wrote

It's on purpose. Keep it nebulous and mysteries and "trust the plan"

That way followers can make up their own reason for being there.


Poemy_Puzzlehead t1_j23oxxm wrote

Prediction: the leaders of the convoy will have a falling out and accuse each other of being pedophiles.


p001b0y t1_j23v7z9 wrote

And someone will get crypto-rich minting commemorative NFTs.


VyrPlan t1_j232s1l wrote

wow, thinking back on all of the freedom the last one generated (weren't there like a hundred arrests?) a sequel hardly seems worth it


LightInthewater t1_j23sds1 wrote

Not only were there 100's of arrests

They got their trucks egged

MOney donatd got fucked up or went missing

And all for nothing. They got literally nothing in return for blowing a huge amount of cash and sacrificing their jobs.


HappyFunNorm t1_j246z7q wrote

Huh... not the group of people I was expecting to be promoting a worldwide government, but here we are....


aShittierShitTier4u t1_j237aho wrote

There's a similarity to the earlier "occupy" movement, in the coming together without a unifying cause they all work towards. They can't get enough people to support them just by protesting lockdowns or anything else. But just like how the "heckler's veto" made the "occupy" ethos of total resolute unanimity impossible, the people who get together to honk horns, wave flags of long defeated enemies, and scream at random people are going to define the entire convoy for everyone. I bet that religion will be the first cause for schism in the convoy.


Santos_L_Halper_II t1_j247ktr wrote

“Remove the convoy of shame, and attach the convoy of triumph!”


yhwhx t1_j24bd37 wrote

> world unity convoy

Will they be singing "The Internationale"?


PositionParticular99 t1_j237i5o wrote

So they plan to freeze some more? What are they even protesting?


yinglish119 t1_j248cq0 wrote

Uniting the racists, the bigots and the Elons is one form of unity we don't need.

Keep them locked in their parents' basements please.


S0uth3y t1_j232nzw wrote

Determined to make sure that the whole world is aware of how big an asshole he is.


Spin_Me t1_j248z3s wrote

Why does the news media even bother to pay attention to these losers and their fans? They're the Canadian version of Trump supporters - laughing stocks of society


456afisher t1_j248dl2 wrote

Why wouldn't these people go to the area which is demanding that they are no longer part of Canada / Alberta? I agree with earlier comments - probable grifting, much like DJT action hero cards.


LeGoupil7 t1_j23anti wrote

As if they can ever be taken seriously anymore…


Dull-Objective3967 t1_j248bsg wrote

Makes sense, the peg is canada crystal meth capital. 😂😂


Sydney444 t1_j24hakf wrote

This is just humiliating. Go away already.


somedudeonline93 t1_j25dzgi wrote

Haven’t the people living in Winnipeg suffered enough?


whatistheformat t1_j28k10y wrote

I tihnk it's so ironic that the assholes of the highway, 18-wheelers, think they are aking some kind of populist point by being even bigger assholes- getting even more in the way.

What about the freedom of individuals to not die in a 40-car pileup because some pill-popping dumbass was swiping right when they should have been watching the road?


Onikojima t1_j249fix wrote

I hope they freeze out there.


BlunderFunk t1_j24ddxf wrote

waiting for my man Andrew Callaghan to cover it next year


tehmlem t1_j255bk0 wrote

Why in god's name do they keep choosing the worst part of winter to do this shit


SharpieBass t1_j25soj7 wrote

No offence to the lovely people of Winnipeg, but the Govt should just send all of these assholes to Winnipeg in Feb. Let them sleep in tents and trucks for a couple weeks. It is stupidly cold in Feb in Winnipeg. Might be a great deterrent!


Salty-Queen87 t1_j26107m wrote

I mean, they’ll unite everyone against them again, so I guess they’ll succeed in some way?


xc2215x t1_j24enhg wrote

I wonder what they will be protesting there.


stu8018 t1_j24jj0v wrote

They mean world bigotry convoy.


blackrabbitsrun t1_j25tmz7 wrote

I hope they are met with tow trucks and civil forfeiture notices.


DudeWithAnAxeToGrind t1_j27g8hj wrote

I hear Red River is great place to park trucks in Winnipeg. Just don't tell these dudes they should move them off the river before spring.


xingx35 t1_j24nqga wrote

they would have a better chance pooling all their money to lobby.


usrevenge t1_j262hwt wrote

Make sure you guys in Winnipeg buy your gallons of gas and put sugar in them early


TriscuitBob t1_j27hv6s wrote

Ran out of money? Need a new grift?


BlackSabbathMatters t1_j27j410 wrote

Is it not like a bazillion below zero in Winnipeg in February? Interesting choice of time and place.


My_Penbroke t1_j23p8wx wrote

Americans should learn from the highly effective tactics of these idiots and organize widespread protests for universal health care and economic justice and the end of corruption in politics


LettuceFew5248 t1_j23ud1w wrote

Highly effective at what? Generating revenue for a handful of grifters?


bigbangbilly t1_j23uyvl wrote


Aside from gathering, organizing them towards a goal does not seem likely