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Qlinkenstein t1_j25a2oi wrote

>...batch of the syrup contained ethylene glycol...

Antifreeze killed kids, who would have thought?


spacemoses t1_j25gnvb wrote

A spoonful of antifreeze helps the medicine go down...


Boondala t1_j25iu5r wrote

You’ve tried this yourself??


spacemoses t1_j25knfj wrote

Nah man, Julie Andrews. Don't consume antifreeze. People are known to kill dogs and other animals with it due to its sweet taste.


Morgrid t1_j25m47b wrote

That's why modern antifreeze is required to have bitterant added


spacemoses t1_j28e3so wrote

I didn't know that but it makes sense that would be added


ShawnyMcKnight t1_j27n0ih wrote

This is a fear of mine, that I would unknowingly poison my kids like this. I remember a while back there was a bacteria found in samples of peanut butter but the cost was too much to destroy the whole batch so they shipped it out anyway hoping it was just in the one sample… nope, several children died consuming it.

My heart breaks for those families.


pnsnkr t1_j26gfek wrote

Somebody at that manufacturing plant probably got confused between polyethylene glycol and ethylene glycol.


groveborn t1_j26pk78 wrote

Did they have both on hand? Maybe one is synthesized by the other and a step was skipped?


daywall t1_j28oofv wrote

Stuff like that makes me scared of taking


PhilSpectorsMugshot t1_j25kgeq wrote

At least 18 children have died in Uzbekistan after consuming a medicinal syrup manufactured by Indian drugmaker Marion Biotech, according to the Uzbek Health Ministry.

The ministry said 18 out of 21 children who took the Doc-1 Max syrup while suffering from an acute respiratory disease died after consuming it. It is marketed on the company’s website as a treatment for cold and flu symptoms.

A batch of the syrup contained ethylene glycol, which the ministry said was a toxic substance. The syrup was imported into Uzbekistan by Quramax Medical, the ministry said in its statement released Tuesday.

It also said the syrup was given to children at home without a doctor’s prescription, either by their parents or on the advice of pharmacists, with doses that exceeded the standard dose for children.

It was not immediately clear whether all or any of the children had consumed the suspect batch or had consumed more than the standard dose, or both.

Marion Biotech, Quramax Medical and India’s Health Ministry did not immediately respond to a Reuters request seeking comment. An Indian government source told Reuters the Health Ministry was looking into the matter.

India had on Tuesday launched an inspection of some drug factories across the country to ensure high quality standards.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j26zdh8 wrote

The FDA exists due to a poisoning with the similar Diethylene glycol in 1937.


WritingTheRongs t1_j26ly7r wrote

ethylene glycol strikes again. What's truly horrifying is that it's happened in the past. Corruption kills.


cass314 t1_j27j45t wrote

If anyone's interested in reading more about the overseas drug industry, I highly recommend Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban.


oldbased t1_j27e7i1 wrote

Somebody call Lil Yachty to bring the wok


The_Infinite_Cool t1_j28n95j wrote

Remember this shit when people want drugs and vaccines off patent so generics can be made in factories like this with these same standards.


sopmaeThrowaway t1_j28piyj wrote

Quit licking the boot. If drug companies were forced to use ethics and didn’t exist to gouge instead of treat/heal, generics wouldn’t be necessary. Since they refuse to change and the govt refuses to act this is going to be the outcome. People will die, it will be unacceptable, and eventually we’ll get to manufacture the drugs here. This is all just slowing down the inevitable progress that NEEDS to happen if we want our country to be a viable 1st world country to live in. Quit trying to slow it down with them. Pharma doesn’t need your saliva it has cash.


internet_chump t1_j29eyu6 wrote

Because it's much better to die anyways because you can't afford the medicine?

You are aware that even the patented medicines are still made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits, right?

Patented pharmaceuticals get recalled for quality issues just like everything else, it just doesn't make the headlines (for obvious reasons).

You don't seem to understand what it is you're talking about.


Substantial_Term_468 t1_j2fgaad wrote

What a stupid fucking comment. Generics that are sold in the US undergo the same QC testing standards and audits regardless of their source. I can guarantee you this product was never sold in the US or EU.


[deleted] t1_j25sdo4 wrote



AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_j26d0de wrote

Lul, yeah, that's definitely the cause here, not corporate greed.


boostedbeas t1_j27cxzc wrote

Corporations get a tax break by employing such people rather than most qualified.


AdminsAreLazyID10TS t1_j27taol wrote

Interesting assumptions you're making, like it'd ever be relevant to trash like you, lul.