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kenlasalle t1_j1zz8ur wrote

In truth, whistleblower laws protect very few.

Signed, an ex-whistle blower.


Jetztinberlin t1_j23ypk7 wrote

Not sure whether "ex" means formerly, or not, but if so: Thank you for your service, in all honesty. The world needs more of such bravery, and it's unacceptable that it comes at such a cost.


kenlasalle t1_j245a8s wrote

Yep. Back in the late 90s. I worked for an insurance company that sold illegal products in Texas. I told the Texas Dept of Insurance, lost my job (the Texas DOI actually reported me), was blackballed from the industry (fortunately, I found my way into marketing), and was told by the Texas DOI that my complaint was not a priority.

Good times.

But now I'm an author; I work for myself, make my own hours, and answer to no one... okay, few. (lol) But it's all good!


chetchaka t1_j293ruj wrote

Man fuck the Texas government. I'm glad you're doing well but I really wish some heads would've rolled from that.


kenlasalle t1_j29c8hx wrote

Believe me, so did I back in the day. But it was a lesson I had to learn.


BrewKazma t1_j1zymzf wrote

Got it. Transfer all whistleblowers to overseas branches.


mrpbeaar t1_j214tnh wrote

So you can be charged for violating UA law but US law can't shield you?

That's a crock


JaiC t1_j21fgew wrote

US whistleblowing laws are a sham whose only real purpose is to ensnare whistleblowers.


Trugdigity t1_j1zxke8 wrote

That’s kind of obvious, US minimum wage law, OSHA etc doesn’t apply overseas either…


Snoo63541 t1_j20hw1a wrote

Yep, sounds like the Federal court lacked jurisdiction.


CatProgrammer t1_j21437v wrote

And yet US citizens are still required to pay federal taxes even if they live outside the US, don't see why whistleblower protections couldn't still apply when the company in question is headquartered in the US.


Zeurpiet t1_j2a18tz wrote

my company wants us to comply with usa fraud rules usa financial rules (dodges frank?) etc, while I certainly don't live in USA


Trugdigity t1_j2a3g5q wrote

Either they want to be listed on the NYSE, or they have some other reason to choose to do it. The US couldn’t force it however.


eightNote t1_j24ghpb wrote

As long as there are us nexuses like using USD US laws can apply.


PositionParticular99 t1_j237d6x wrote

Really so US courts realized US laws do not apply in other countries?


eightNote t1_j24gb07 wrote

US law applies where there's a US nexus and it's advantageous to American elites.

It doesn't apply where disadvantageous, or when a foreign country has strong sovereignty