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Jetztinberlin t1_j23ypk7 wrote

Not sure whether "ex" means formerly, or not, but if so: Thank you for your service, in all honesty. The world needs more of such bravery, and it's unacceptable that it comes at such a cost.


kenlasalle t1_j245a8s wrote

Yep. Back in the late 90s. I worked for an insurance company that sold illegal products in Texas. I told the Texas Dept of Insurance, lost my job (the Texas DOI actually reported me), was blackballed from the industry (fortunately, I found my way into marketing), and was told by the Texas DOI that my complaint was not a priority.

Good times.

But now I'm an author; I work for myself, make my own hours, and answer to no one... okay, few. (lol) But it's all good!


chetchaka t1_j293ruj wrote

Man fuck the Texas government. I'm glad you're doing well but I really wish some heads would've rolled from that.


kenlasalle t1_j29c8hx wrote

Believe me, so did I back in the day. But it was a lesson I had to learn.