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Valuable-Island3015 t1_j25msxq wrote

Dolls are boring. Let me know when the Detroit become human sex machines are in target.


UnlawfulStupid t1_j267ixm wrote

Honestly, given the rate we're going forward in robotics, AI, and (apparently) sex doll technology, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a sex robot in the next thirty years. There will be shops everywhere to rent one for those who can't own.

Then the only question that remains would be: Do you get one $300 hookerbot or 300 $1 hookerbots?


malphonso t1_j26pra1 wrote

I'll take the Wish hookerbot.


Articulated t1_j29iv4t wrote

Sir, you can fill a latex glove with oatmeal and stretch it over a pringles can right now.


Kalamac t1_j26quwz wrote

Did you ever see the TV show Humans, where the Robots were gaining sentience. One of the sex robots in the sex robot brothel kills a client because she doesn’t like what he wants her to do.


Darryl_Lict t1_j27qmf8 wrote

Never heard of it, but it's on Amazon Prime. Gonna have to look for hooker murderbots.


TriblialBrainDamblge t1_j26xq3m wrote

I'm going to get 300 cups of coffee and then I'll be moving too fast for anyone to stop me from fucking whatever hookerbot I want.


FarceMultiplier t1_j26dxdc wrote

Might be something Elon Musk should take up. Since he's fucked Twitter, he can fuck something else too.


trollsong t1_j28q2pj wrote

I don't want to stick my dick in something that has a chance to run over a child then explode.


GreedyNovel t1_j28dm3g wrote

The $1 version is definitely the way to go. You don't have to perform the dark deed of cleanup, just throw it away and move on to the next one.


trollsong t1_j28pydp wrote

Lol famous taters veterans day sales will be lit.


mikeydmac t1_j25lp3h wrote

Seems pretty niche and weird, but I guess I support this.


UnlawfulStupid t1_j26732n wrote

Yeah, so long as it's not harming anyone, why should any of us care? Odd or no, it's an inanimate object, and they own it, so they're allowed to fuck it.

My ancestors fought and died for my right to fuck a toaster, and I'll be damned if I cede even one millimeter of dick to Uncle Sam.


GreedyNovel t1_j28di38 wrote

Of all the things I put my dick in when I was a teen, why didn't I think of a toaster?


venom259 t1_j2e5jeo wrote

This message is brought to you by the Adeptus mechanicus. Go Mars!


dolltron69 t1_j28ccef wrote

They'll face a new problem by keeping the ban on child dolls, the border agents can just restrict entry on any doll and call it a child doll because there is no objective way to prove it is or isn't (past a certain point)...and that will result in the same cycle of seizures , lawsuits, wrongful imprisonment etc just like we are starting to see in the UK.


shewy92 t1_j2e5cun wrote

> there is no objective way to prove it is or isn't

Except with "all dolls must be more than 4ft10in tall" or something added into the regulations.


dolltron69 t1_j2ewzvz wrote

Well firstly that's not objective way to say anything, my mum is 66 and only 1 inch taller than that. And korean or asian women are often even smaller.

A doll is not human and can be 30+ yrs old even the size of 6 inches like a barbie. Like how does that even work in a criminal case where this argument is needed to avoid prison?

The funny thing about what you said is that here in the UK the child dolls are illegal and hold 7 year prison sentences but there is no regulations, nothing is in writing about height , boob size, nothing.


Much_Proof8733 t1_j25p6gu wrote

Someone's about to get a bunch of DPRK and CCP spy cameras in their waifus.


Hemicrusher t1_j25ptuu wrote

Thank God! The locally made ones were causing a rash around my ampallang.


BetterMakeAnAccount t1_j266hcj wrote

That’s not gonna help your birth rate problems but aight


HelpStatistician t1_j2764cv wrote

if they wanted to help with the birth rate they'd look at why women don't want to marry and change those issues. If this saves one woman from dealing with some incel, I'm down.


TheThirdJudgement t1_j282u7v wrote

Sex dolls aren't limited to women type.

Incels don't deal with women to begin with, they are reject and blame-hate them for that, so the sex doll won't make any difference. And using sex dolls doesn't make you an incel either.


TidyBacon t1_j2di3xs wrote

Uh people choose sex dolls because they don’t want to deal with woman. You have that completely backwards. They don’t want marriage or relationships.


first_lvr t1_j295vkv wrote

That’s disgusting, I want one


ConstableGrey t1_j262sv0 wrote

At last the national nightmare is over!


Corruptotron t1_j27s9pk wrote

This isn’t going to help their fertility rate…. Or will it?


groveborn t1_j26pzwc wrote

Finally! I've had this backlog of used sex dolls. I can finally sell them.


Nigredo78 t1_j28kawc wrote

will be the second most popular chinese import for sure.


taosk8r t1_j2a3wvq wrote

I need a sex doll 'for artistic purposes'.


wilson_rawls t1_j2djzqj wrote

You joke, but here's a funny story: Once upon a time, I worked the professional support queue for Olympus; it was basically troubleshooting issues for professional photographers that use Olympus cameras and lenses. One of our customers extolled for me the virtues of owning several of those dolls for glamour photography. "They don't move or get uncomfortable holding a certain position like a person would," he said. He explained that you could pose them however you want and spend as much time as you need adjusting the lighting and angles and what have you. I checked his portfolio and they were mostly photographed in silhouette, like 80s pop art or something, so you couldn't really tell they weren't real people. I have to say, the guy made quite a bit of sense the more I thought about it lol


Tatertotfreak99 t1_j29lbrs wrote

Well anything can really be a sex doll if you try hard enough.


mtarascio t1_j25qgj7 wrote

South Korea recently introduced a very misogynist government right?

I'm all for freedom to buy what you like but I have a feeling the reason for spending time and implementing this is not a good one.


maddieterrier t1_j25xi4a wrote

Do go on… how is this nefarious?


mtarascio t1_j25ygks wrote

Dog whistle and clandestine support for the young disenfranchised males that got these guys elected.

Here's an article covering some of the subject matter -


maddieterrier t1_j2605un wrote

Well, that’s about 1000% worse than I expected. Thank you for the eye opener, I suppose.

edit: a word


[deleted] t1_j272on9 wrote



retiredhobo t1_j27zwzz wrote

prisoners would not be needing these inside Andrew Tate