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YouJustSaidButFuck t1_j19t6hg wrote

Hawaii become a territory in the late 1800s and voted on statehood many times before ww2. The annexation of Hawaii is way more complicated than fucking Japan insulation, that's just flat out ignorant. Sugar plantations basically forced the monarchy out, and votes went back and forth for decades before being approved by 90% of the population because they wanted full voting rights in the union. As a territory they already had "insulation" from Japan, as the US defends territories all the same as states.

Additionally you said it's 1/2 pineapple plantation. Most of the pineapple industry has long long left Hawaii and gone to southeast asia / the Phillipines.

From my perspective you know jack fucking shit about Hawaii.


[deleted] t1_j19wphi wrote

i am describing what the united states did to hawaii, not what it inherently is as a place, nor am i making any kind of critical commentary towards the natives. as for the historical aspects of what you mentioned, you really didn't describe anything that different from what i said initially other than the pineapple thing.

please check rule numbers 7 and 8, and stop talking to me please.