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BrianThatDude t1_j6crut8 wrote

Just want to point out that they have changed their name spelling for the world's purposes to Turkiye.

Not sure why this is downvoted. It's literally their name now. The un approved it.


sonofgoku7 t1_j6e0n1s wrote

you really think other people are gonna respect the autonomy of Turkey when they very clearly don't respect the autonomy of other countries?


IhsousApoTaLidl t1_j6eveje wrote

They will get as much respect for their name from me as the respect they have shown for my country's airspace and land borders; none.

I mean, it's not everyone else's fault they saw Turkey in an english lexicon, didn't check to see what the word they were stealing meant and ran with it for their country's name.