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Maliagirl1314 t1_j4zbghs wrote

"You can't take that. It might be my friend's, he was in here earlier." I'm sure a lot of people were in there earlier! That nutcase wanted that money. So 3 grown ass people assaulted an elderly woman over $50 Times are tough for a lot of people, but my God.. I'm glad they all lost their job, and hope they have a hell of a time finding a new one!


messem10 t1_j506vy8 wrote

> “You can’t take that. It might be my friend’s, he was in here earlier.” I’m sure a lot of people were in there earlier!

Earlier this year I also found a $50 bill on the ground at a nearby well-to-do mall. Since I didn’t see who dropped it and there isn’t another a way to verify ownership, I just kept it. Was the largest amount I’d found like that before.

I feel bad for the elderly woman here as it becomes a case of “finders keepers” as cash is basically a bearer document.


Maliagirl1314 t1_j507jam wrote

Exactly. It would be one thing if she would have seen the money fall out of somebody's purse or pocket. But to see it laying on the ground, it is absolutely finders keepers. What is she supposed to do go to everyone in the store and ask who does this belong to? The really sad thing is that the woman was so happy when she found it. She told the cashier oh it must be my lucky day! And the cashier immediately told her she couldn't take it. Absolutely ridiculous. Even after the other two co-workers were involved they knew they couldn't at that point take the money. Unless one of them was going to do it. But they still kept at it because she was just so mad that that woman wouldn't just give it up to her when she asked. I mean I can't believe they would act this way over $50. Like a bunch of animals. That poor woman


rabidstoat t1_j515qw0 wrote

A twenty dollar bill fell out of my pocket once. I was standing in a line and the person behind me noticed (I hadn't) and picked it up and gave it back to me.


Dragona33 t1_j51ojbs wrote

These people aren't animals. Animals DO NOT act like that. These are wastes of life, masquerading as humans.


If I had witnessed this, I would have paid for her purchases and gave her an additional $50. This woman obviously needed that money, as she was so happy to find it.


Maliagirl1314 t1_j51zo57 wrote

Absolutely. That's what is so heartbreaking. She must have been so confused. She even refused the owners assistance to help with the bail money and $50 since those a**holes stole it from her. She said she's afraid this will happen to her again :(


Easy-Concentrate2636 t1_j51aves wrote

For awhile, I lived in a neighborhood with an active nightlife. Inevitably, I would come across dollar bills or even twenties on the street. I wasn’t going through not take that or ask random strangers if it belonged to them. If I see the bill being dropped by someone, I would definitely ask. Otherwise, it’s finders keepers.


razialx t1_j50y4gg wrote

When I was in third grade I found a $50 bill on the ground in a rite aid parking lot. For the next few hours I lived like a god. My brother and friend and I bough so much candy. Then we walked to garage sales and bought things like golf clubs and records which we took to the woods and destroyed. We were out of control. Might have been the best day of my childhood.


Beard_o_Bees t1_j50x8mx wrote

The best thing I ever found was a blue water-proof tube containing a one-hitter pipe, ~1/4 oz of high quality (for the time) weed and $120.00 in cash.

It was like a gift from the Gods, since I was a super-broke student at the time.


DevoidSauce t1_j51617z wrote

Jeff, the God of Chilling TF Out hath blessed you that day.


tokes_4_DE t1_j51ajxv wrote

Festival groundscores were my favorite part of the last day of camping fests. At tomorrowworld in georgia it POURED its ass off the last 2 days so everyone left and abandoned their shit. There were giant piles of tents and abandoned camping supplies everywhere, so i went diving. Left with a recharable 72 hour 4 outlet power supply, brand new tent, tarps, etc. But the best was this book with a lockbox inside i found, got it open and found a bunch of drugs, and like 800 bucks in cash. Covered all my festival expenses and then more.


Witchgrass t1_j51gg27 wrote

This is why I always volunteer to do trash pickup and cleanup on the last day of music festivals in exchange for free tickets


tokes_4_DE t1_j51q830 wrote

Yeah cleanup at big fests is always worth it, especially ones that draw an international audience. So many people will buy camping equipment, supplies, etc and then just abandon it all at the fest grounds when its over. All my newest tents and camping equipment are groundscores from fests, have enough equpement for a whole crew to camp.


NetherPortals t1_j52epes wrote

At a festival I lost 3000$ in a pair of pants I took off in the forest and found it when I went back 4 months later to search for them.


Maliagirl1314 t1_j52se0c wrote

Who would leave that kind of money over some rain? Lol It could be a damn mudslide and you better believe I'm getting my money. LOL. $800? No way I'm leaving that :)


tokes_4_DE t1_j52t4s8 wrote

People on lots of drugs lol, there was at least that amount worth of assorted drugs in the box as well.


RunRevolutionary9019 t1_j5123av wrote

Once someone left the $100 bill I lost at the lost and found nearby. It was pretty amazing. It was Telluride.


Caster-Hammer t1_j5181xa wrote

I once lost $300 behind an airport carryon scanner and was too late for my plane to stop for it. The worst, knowing it was between two oieces of metal that would have required fishing it out but not having the time to do so.

Messed up my entire vacation.


zefy_zef t1_j53nzdi wrote

I had a business ethics teacher one time who explained he would just leave the money on the ground where they found it. Understanding that mindset is a continuous battle for me.


jetbag513 t1_j518mx1 wrote

The one in the pink should join WWE or whatever the hell it's called. Nasty brute.


Appropriate_Tip_8852 t1_j50ca3k wrote

Meh. More unemployable homeless people is the last thing we need more of. I hope they all get well, find good paying jobs and continue to better society!


Maliagirl1314 t1_j50d9kd wrote

Meh. I 100% would have agreed and do want anyone struggling to be able to survive and thrive.
But anyone sick enough to assault an elderly woman for any reason (besides protecting themselves) can just screw right off. I hope this follows them to their new job.
They deserve no sympathy. But the woman they bullied does. (I get your point. I'm not being snarky to you. This incident is just really sad)


FreakyOnion t1_j50hgzz wrote

I agree with both of your viewpoints. My sense of justice wants to see bad people get bad things done to them just so they can understand the pain they caused (even if unwillingly).

But how awesome would it be if these people reconciled and agreed upon what was the right thing to do.

That’s the sort of impossible forgiveness they tend to seek and promote among people who share the same faith. Can’t we just assign each other the basic dignity of humanity and agree that we’d rather see people flourish than suffer?


Maliagirl1314 t1_j50iycz wrote

I would Always want to see people flourish. Do I think these 3 people deserve to die? No. But this isn't a minor mistake that can be forgotten or quickly forgiven. This was assault. Of an elderly woman. I think these people should at the very least have a little struggle when it comes to finding another job.

They don't deserve to jump into a new job easily when they not only had the woman locked in the store and assaulted and humiliated and terrified. They had her arrested. And for what? Finding money on the ground and happily taking it. She didn't steal. She found the money and when told to give it up, and wouldn't, she was assaulted and kept against her will and then arrested. She went through a horrible and traumatic experience, because some woman saw that she could bully her into giving up money. I don't think these three individuals are sorry. I think they should be though and I think if it takes them a little while to find a job to be sorry, then maybe that's a good thing. I just think when people do bad things they shouldn't just get to go on with their lives just because it's better for people to be happy. They deserve to be punished, even if it's just slightly. But that's just my opinion. I have the kind of heart that when someone is hurt it hurts me. And knowing that this woman was so scared and hurt, and then arrested, really really hurts me. But I totally understand your mindset and in normal circumstances I would absolutely agree. There are just some things that shouldn't be just swept under a rug. And assaulting someone especially someone who is elderly or a child or cannot fight back, is a pretty low thing to do. And these three did not seem to care one bit.


FreakyOnion t1_j50kto0 wrote

In fact, if they didn’t face ANY difficulty beyond getting fired from their jobs, then I would say we have a completely broken society.

But I feel confident that, short of the intervention of an outside benefactor who takes pity on them, these people’s next career moves will be lateral at best and degrading at worst.

Though, I’d feel better if they were officially held accountable by law enforcement. Skewering them in the comments section won’t stop them from behaving like animals. Law enforcement acting as an actual deterrent to more such activities is to be preferred.


Maliagirl1314 t1_j50m4qb wrote

Berating them in the comments may not stop them from doing this in the future, but it may give any future employer reason to think twice about having them in their business. It may also stop other people from behaving like this.


Zawer t1_j511rn8 wrote

I appreciate your sense of optimism but they need to learn a lesson from this experience.

Their new job should preferably not in a leadership role either...


ZZZ-Top t1_j4z7xd0 wrote

They fired the dipshits but the police response is pure bullshit


George_Tirebiter420 t1_j5053fg wrote

Texas has institutions to protect violent racists.


Fender088 t1_j50e125 wrote

Those cops will probably get an invite to the governor's mansion and medals for their amazing work.


nooshaw t1_j50x6x8 wrote

>"They went to the door and locked me in," says Smith.
>As she tries to get it back, another female employee and a male employee shove and restrain her.

Pretty sure that is called unlawful restraint or kidnapping.


thunderclone1 t1_j5194yf wrote

God damn in Texas that puts her well within her rights to use lethal force. What the fuck were the employees thinking?


Juice_231 t1_j4z4sc7 wrote

See and people keep asking why people pull out their phones to record when incidents like this breakout. Without video evidence it’s a white person’s word against a person of color’s and look who the police side with even when a woman is in her bathrobe trying to help her senior citizen family.


Drewy99 t1_j50heo7 wrote

They prevented her from leaving. That cold be false imprisonment on top of robbery and assault by the clerk's.


Puppy_Paw_Power t1_j50o51w wrote

The US does have a history of falsely imprisoning black people ...


edingerc t1_j4zfjta wrote

Employees were fired, not charged with assault and unlawful restraint? Oops, I forgot that this was Texas and the races involved.


Available-Camera8691 t1_j4zwxj5 wrote

Imagine if they had done that to an off duty cop. Do you think there would have been charges?

Fuck yeah there would have been charges.


Viper_JB t1_j4zymvu wrote

>Fuck yeah there would have been charges.

If they survived.


Artanthos t1_j5kvkl2 wrote

Referred to the DA, he will decide who is charged with what.

That decision has yet to be made.


Dieter_Knutsen t1_j50l7rp wrote

>Deputies arrived and conducted an investigation in to the cause of the disturbance.

They literally didn't. That's the issue here. That statement is clearly a lie.


Prophet_of_Entropy t1_j55aelp wrote

sure they did, the 'investigation' was just taking the word of the lightest complexioned person there though.


5zepp t1_j4zutnr wrote

Fuck that cop, that's atrocious.


quitofilms t1_j504gav wrote

>He and the owner say they fired all three employees by the next day and apologized to Ms. Smith for the incident.

>"They offered to help pay bond money and offered to give me the $50 bill, and any support I needed, but I didn't want it,

They were likely afraid of getting sued but still, that's a good pre-emptive move


Salmizu t1_j50utbf wrote

"our employees assaulted you and robbed you of this 50 bucks you found on the floor. Now that it became news, how about we let you have that 50 bucks and you dont sue?"


pgabrielfreak t1_j510nr9 wrote

Jeez most people refuse to admit wrongs. They're trying to do the right thing in the moment. Give them that at least. What else can they do? Be like others and admit no wrong and wait for the lawsuit that's inevitable regardless? These are horrible idiotic employees. A company stepped up immediately. It's so rare and refreshing IMNSHO.


Upgrayddz t1_j51aizd wrote

Yea, it's not like that company had a pro assaulting customers policy that they are backing down from and apologizing. They did the right thing about as soon as they reasonably could.


Salmizu t1_j51a4wh wrote

Cause its an empty gesture hoping to capitalise on people getting the exact reaction youre having without having to actually compensate as just the gesture gets praise. In a way this can be taken as even more slimy.


EmptyKnowledge9314 t1_j51cvc1 wrote

You have literally no idea whether it is an empty gesture or a heartfelt sentiment. None. The owners were not there when it happened and did the right thing as soon as it was possible. It could be entirely performative. BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

///If you’re going to presume to know what’s in peoples minds you should stop saying things.


Salmizu t1_j5219sv wrote

LUL its absolutely performative when its that little. It literally cant be anything but an empty gesture even if it were intended as a "heartfelt sentiment"


Honestly_Nobody t1_j5392em wrote

This comment is just the worst of humanity written out with words. Smh.


WateronRocks t1_j52je1l wrote

Fired everyone involved? Check

Tried to give her the $50? Check

Tried to pay her bond? Check

Called Salmizu to see how he felt? NOPE, FUCK THESE GUYS


formyjee t1_j4zfjyv wrote

They should fire the law enforcement officer now.

Glad they fired those punks.


Fender088 t1_j50ebu6 wrote

He'll get a raise and all of the conservatives in that community will say "We understand what you had to do. Gotta put these people in their place." Think I'm wrong? I guarantee the "back the blue" crowd will come out and terrorize this family for speaking up.


HamsterLord44 t1_j51d15i wrote

Why? It's not like they're gonna get in trouble for not firing them. In fact, now they know that the officer is willing and able to encourage violence, even against elderly women, and it's not like the victim was super rich or something.

Even if they did, the next town over would just hire them instead. There's not gonna be any justice for the victim unless the people are by and large willing to be violent and directly act against the police here.


um_ok_try_again t1_j4z458q wrote

These people are horrible! I hope they apologize to her.


RogueM99 t1_j4zwq4r wrote

Fucking shitty people being shitty. You drop a 50 you lose a 50! If you dropped it and didn't notice then money must not be that important to you.


jrgkgb t1_j5jxhko wrote

Yes, in accordance with the landmark Supreme Court ruling “Finders Keepers” vs “Losers Weepers.”


JohnTM3 t1_j517k5k wrote

This is why when I find money I keep my mouth shut about it. Everyone is going to want that money and claim it as their own. If I pick up cash you dropped you had better know the amount before you ask me for it back.


FPOWorld t1_j52occo wrote

Crazy how the store employees are held to a higher standard than the police. This country is a shithole.


Appropriate_Tip_8852 t1_j50cklp wrote

Working at a liquor store one night a customer had dropped 50 on the floor and the guy behind him didn't see it until after he left so he set it on the counter and said here in case he comes back. We know he's not coming back especially when it came closer to closing time and we were already trying to figure out how to split it three ways. Then this one guy comes by and here's this talk about it and says oh no that's the owner's money and takes it and throws it in the safe.


TheIncontrovert t1_j50x8el wrote

Can't she push for charges of false imprisonment, and assault? Can she gets a claim for this sort of thing? Isn't America known for its lawsuits? I'm guessing that's why she refused the £50 and the bail money, she smells a payday and rightly deserves it. The owner did the decent thing and fired the employees but I'm guessing he only did that once it drew national attention.


3ntr0py_ t1_j53pau7 wrote

Moral of the story: if you find money, keep your mouth shut. If you win the lottery, keep your mouth shut.


Vault-Born t1_j50lm8a wrote

What the fuck video was featured in this article? It's a severely tilted shaky camera angle of a TV playing surveillance footage with no sound. The camera literally pans away from the footage at crucial parts.

I believe this 65 year old woman, but that is an absolutely terrible video and I'm surprised that a better one couldn't be provided. ^((Note: there was quality video footage featured taken by the daughter who arrived on scene after the initial altercation, I'm talking about the security footage.))


Narrator-to-gods t1_j53v6cn wrote

Man I’ve lost so much more than that. I mean in money, personal possessions, relationships, friends, businesses, property and careers. It’s awful to see people get their lives all screwed up for a lousy 50 bucks. Awful.


colossalboom t1_j55doz3 wrote

I hope these racist idiots get charged, hard.


jschubart t1_j52fkx9 wrote

>"They offered to help pay bond money and offered to give me the $50 bill..."

That's nice that they offered to help pay the bond. Not pay the whole thing or anything but they can slide her another Grant to help out.

This would be a pretty easy win for the store if they hadn't decided to be cheap as fuck.


VoidLookedBack t1_j56bgkj wrote

Simple case of EWB (Existing While Black), idk how cops are just gonna arrest them without even looking at the footage... Clearly neither of the Black Women were the aggressors.


AnonymousShmuck t1_j546ied wrote

Thall shall not flaunt good luck or be struck down


dastultz t1_j5ar8yo wrote

Found a wallet with 50 Euro in it in Italy. Spent an hour trying to find police, ended up leaving it at a train station. Kind of ruined my vacation. Then at Disney I found $50 cash on the floor in the hotel cafeteria. Notified staff (who were happy to take it). I didn't give it to them, didn't say how much it was, left my contact info. Not much you can do to find the owner, so I'm not going to "gift it" to the hotel staff.

On the way home I left my headphones on the air plane, so kind of zero-sum for me. (The headphones had my contact info in the case, never heard from anyone.)


[deleted] t1_j511exv wrote



Automatic_Anomaly t1_j51a3s8 wrote

Lol you are so racist, the lady found money on the ground they had no right to try to detain her at all. She was in her right to shoot them if she had a gun.