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Maliagirl1314 t1_j507jam wrote

Exactly. It would be one thing if she would have seen the money fall out of somebody's purse or pocket. But to see it laying on the ground, it is absolutely finders keepers. What is she supposed to do go to everyone in the store and ask who does this belong to? The really sad thing is that the woman was so happy when she found it. She told the cashier oh it must be my lucky day! And the cashier immediately told her she couldn't take it. Absolutely ridiculous. Even after the other two co-workers were involved they knew they couldn't at that point take the money. Unless one of them was going to do it. But they still kept at it because she was just so mad that that woman wouldn't just give it up to her when she asked. I mean I can't believe they would act this way over $50. Like a bunch of animals. That poor woman


rabidstoat t1_j515qw0 wrote

A twenty dollar bill fell out of my pocket once. I was standing in a line and the person behind me noticed (I hadn't) and picked it up and gave it back to me.


Dragona33 t1_j51ojbs wrote

These people aren't animals. Animals DO NOT act like that. These are wastes of life, masquerading as humans.


If I had witnessed this, I would have paid for her purchases and gave her an additional $50. This woman obviously needed that money, as she was so happy to find it.


Maliagirl1314 t1_j51zo57 wrote

Absolutely. That's what is so heartbreaking. She must have been so confused. She even refused the owners assistance to help with the bail money and $50 since those a**holes stole it from her. She said she's afraid this will happen to her again :(


Easy-Concentrate2636 t1_j51aves wrote

For awhile, I lived in a neighborhood with an active nightlife. Inevitably, I would come across dollar bills or even twenties on the street. I wasn’t going through not take that or ask random strangers if it belonged to them. If I see the bill being dropped by someone, I would definitely ask. Otherwise, it’s finders keepers.