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killerewok76 t1_j2l8o1g wrote

Acadamy Award Winning Three 6 Mafia. How soon we forget.


Nick_Full_Time t1_j2lqm3t wrote

“Pulitzer Prize winning musician Kendrick Lamar”. I like to pull that one out since so few people know.


finally_not_lurking t1_j2na8n7 wrote

Or Grammy Award winner Hillary Clinton


DirtyDoctrine t1_j2nfed9 wrote

Wait, you two are just fucking around right? Did Hillary win a Grammy and did Kendrick Lamar really win a Pulitzer?


Nick_Full_Time t1_j2qflfx wrote

Nobody ever directly acknowledged it in this thread , but yes, kung fu Kenny has a Pulitzer Prize. 2016 for music, DAMN.


makeshift8 t1_j2nh1jt wrote

Obama got a Nobel peace prize so I guess anything is possible.


DirtyDoctrine t1_j2np4nq wrote

I still don't understand why that happened. Like I voted for him, but the Nobel Prize? Be realistic here.


makeshift8 t1_j2npnre wrote

Everyone who had a reason to feel strongly against it was either a racist or was blown up.


fadufadu t1_j2o2vtn wrote

This comment is as ignorant as the people you are describing


Isosceles_Kramer79 t1_j2o0oym wrote

Oh the irony of that second clause. :)

And it was a mind boggling decision by the Nobel Committee, almost as bad as giving one to Arafat.

When Obama got the prize, he had just taken office and did not actually do anything yet.


razorirr t1_j2o8q0z wrote

yeah once he got the award, he could really ramp up those drone strikes, its not like people win it twice in a row or anything.


Haunting-Ad788 t1_j2otc8f wrote

Obama did jack shit to earn it when he got it and he definitely didn’t deserve it after he droned two US citizens without due process, one of whom was a teenage boy.


Apprehensive-Hat5979 t1_j2nzmeo wrote

I love how people just are blind to history. Do you know how many people were upset that we had a black president in office. Do you forget how racist people were and how scrutinized he was for any kind of wrong doing he commited in their eyes? Do you remember how him wearing a tan suit was such a point of contention among conservative white folks. God he deserved better.


Isosceles_Kramer79 t1_j2o0yqi wrote

Criticizing giving the Nobel Prize to Obama is not racist even if there were instances of actual racist attitudes toward him.

What had he actually done by 2009 to justify that prize?


Apprehensive-Hat5979 t1_j2o1z98 wrote

Well this is from Norwegian Nobel themselves...

"Obama has as President created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United Nations and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are preferred as instruments for resolving even the most difficult international conflicts. The vision of a world free from nuclear arms has powerfully stimulated disarmament and arms control negotiations. Thanks to Obama’s initiative, the USA is now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting. Democracy and human rights are to be strengthened."


makeshift8 t1_j2o0mzg wrote

I remember when he said we were pulling out of Afghanistan. I agree it was a big moment. I’m white and I was pretty young in 2008 so it might not have hit as hard for me as for black folk or POC in general, I’m just saying that Obama overall didn’t contribute much to peace outside the US when looking at his overall policy decisions.


Bokth t1_j2o9tu5 wrote

Kanye West...the voice of a Germany circa 1940.


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_j2mwwuk wrote

I remember the night they won the Oscar. The news anchors in Nashville were so angry that "a song about a pimp", beat out Dolly Parton.🤣


KP_Wrath t1_j2nhz3w wrote

Somehow, I get the feeling Dolly didn’t care that much.


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_j2ninv1 wrote

She didn't. They put the camera on her and she was laughing and applauding. Dolly stay getting paid!


Darth_Wayne_ t1_j2o0oqs wrote

Somehow I think Dolly was bumping that track all year.


daywalkker t1_j3rh2ea wrote

You really think Dolly Parton listens to Three 6 Mafia? I highly doubt they are on her playlist, lol. She is wholesome and kind, Three 6 is... not. I've listened to Three 6 since HS in the 90's, but it really doesn't seem like something Grandma Parton would be in to.


d_e_l_u_x_e t1_j2peoen wrote

Because Dolly is awesome, I bet Three Six love her too.


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j2n08ck wrote

They won an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio won one.


worldbound0514 t1_j2l5pan wrote

Rumor is OD on her front porch in Memphis. Very sad.


[deleted] t1_j2lhc4m wrote

Ugh that makes me sad, what a depressing way to go


incognito_ginger t1_j2nmr3r wrote

That said it was a very Memphis way to go


[deleted] t1_j2ofpxb wrote

Sad but so fuckin true.


DukeOfGeek t1_j2vr7ir wrote

100 thousand people died from overdoses last year. It's a unreported fucking epidemic.


arlenroy t1_j2p2edy wrote

Actually she was probably having fun, chilling out on the porch, just chopping it up with friends, and took a little too much of whatever it was. I've been there. If you're gonna go, that's probably one of the better ways.


gladamirflint t1_j2lr7yu wrote

Might’ve been nice for her, depending. Could have been a peaceful drift away from her place of comfort.


Milly_man t1_j2mfb2d wrote

I don't think we should romanticise fatal drug overdoses.


[deleted] t1_j2mz44s wrote



shewy92 t1_j2n02m4 wrote

Nitrogen gas. You literally don't feel anything and just get sleepy.


lostallmyconnex t1_j2okkag wrote

Too risky. If you don't tie your hands up, while passing out you will likely rip out whatever you're breathing out of with the nitrogen.

Requires a good cocktail that will essentially put you under anethesia unless someone is willing to help you in the act.


lostallmyconnex t1_j2okv7g wrote

Oh and finding pure nitrogen gas in 2023? Forget about it.

Unless you do something for work that will justify to a local company they should sell you a large cannister.

Easier to just buy a fent analogue than it is to buy nitrogen where I live.

I think about it quite a lot, even that small percent chance it would fail and leave me paralyzed is enough to fear the outcome.


[deleted] t1_j2r19in wrote



lostallmyconnex t1_j2t29zc wrote

Ok, can I assume you had a reason to be there? The lpcal company requires a business to purchase it. Individuals cannot purchase the pure stuff if they aren't using it for work in most cases.

I doubt its like that everywhere. So refer to the rest of my other comment on how likely this method is to fail.


slipandweld t1_j2nl76z wrote

Better than romanticising war or other on the job deaths. Die bravely for somebody else's profits or die comfy and high as hell? I know which one I think is more respectable.


SloeMoe t1_j2nao13 wrote

How about merely being accurate about how it might feel to experience an overdose, would that be okay with you?


gladamirflint t1_j2n40g3 wrote

I think saying she died peacefully is better than spreading rumors about her apparently depressing and violent end.


Modsblogoats t1_j2n6squ wrote

Spreading lies to counter rumors?


gladamirflint t1_j2n7uwr wrote

Not sure what I said was a lie or a rumor. Just saying that drug overdoses have the potential to be peaceful.


RttnAttorney t1_j2ods1r wrote

Sure. Overdose deaths are so peaceful that we don’t have an opioid problem anymore folks! Hear that everyone?!


Harmonia_PASB t1_j2mrml5 wrote

I was overdosed on dilauded in a hospital, went into respiratory arrest, my o2 was 22%, I was blue and seizing. My ex husband gave me sternum rubs to keep me breathing I remember waking up mad because all I wanted to do was sleep, I didn’t care when he explained that I was dying. An OD can be a very pleasant way to die.


gladamirflint t1_j2n296n wrote

Sorry that happened, it must have been rough. That's what scares me, I had a similar experience (not as extreme) and I was totally fine just drifting away.


DirtyDoctrine t1_j2nfs0f wrote

I was on Dilaudid for an extended period (about 3 weeks) for a major, MAJOR hospital stay I had. That shit is scary and it actually started giving me nightmares. I could see it being an extremely peaceful way to die and after 3 weeks in the hospital, the willingness to keep fighting becomes harder and harder to find.

I had them pull me off it as soon as I wasn't in near constant pain.


latebloomer2015 t1_j2o333g wrote

She was on marriage boot camp this past season. They got kicked out because producers found drugs in their room. She seemed like she had some life issues she was struggling with and had for a long time.


fastal_12147 t1_j2l6u09 wrote

Everyone dying today. This is the third music industry death in the last 24 hours


panfried540 t1_j2l8lxz wrote

who were the others


Floormatts t1_j2l94dy wrote

One of the pointer sisters - Anita Pointer and the drummer of Modest Mouse - Jeremiah Green


panfried540 t1_j2laetu wrote

oh I didn't even know


Floormatts t1_j2lagdx wrote

I assume that’s why you asked.


panfried540 t1_j2lbddg wrote

well I thought maybe I had heard of it earlier today but sort of forgot


EconomyAd1600 t1_j2oc3sv wrote

Just read that the drummer for Earth, Wind and Fire-Fred White-died recently as well.


DoctorRoxxo t1_j2n7qfl wrote

it comes in 3s.


PromiscuousMNcpl t1_j2npsam wrote

Yep. Time for a new random group of 3 to emerge.


BustaCon t1_j2o7yti wrote

My neighbor Bruce, who is a good guy with a big heart but rather crude and apparently unaware that he is clearly autistic.

Elisei Ryabukon, a 13 year old boy killed in rasPutin's mass murder in Ukraine early in Spring of last year.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Press Secty to ole Trumpolini, who was just elected governor of the U.S. state of Arkansas. Which is a fact plain astounding to me, but that's politics.

There's my three.


VyrPlan t1_j2l23k8 wrote

thanks to Studio 60, my old ass kinda knows who this is

43 is too young - RIP


hi_me_here t1_j2l4gab wrote


rip to one of the best all time female rappers & a dirty south legend



panfried540 t1_j2l2zdx wrote

That's sad, I grew up with this


tallbartender t1_j2lamo6 wrote

Same, I lived in Millington and used to go to Frayser to from them when they were still Triple Six Mafia


TwoFrontHitters t1_j2mqed0 wrote

Triple Six mafia is a way cooler name actually.


Superman_Dam_Fool t1_j2nk970 wrote

I still only think of them as Triple Six. And that was the name that they used on what, one album?

That summer when Mystic Stylez dropped, they blew up. Everyone was listening to that cd.


Paver t1_j2ogdsf wrote

I appreciate your username. Best Memphis graffiti ever.


lemonchicken91 t1_j2l5zzv wrote

Her verse on Gotcha Shakin and Tear The club up are great


chicken_karmajohn t1_j2mq0f4 wrote

DJ Paul - I Cheef was always the tune. I had just played a remix of this hours before her death. RIP


HotPie_ t1_j2ljnor wrote

Loved Gangsta Boo. Three 6 was a huge part of my upbringing and you could always count on the ladies of Three 6 Mafia having a fire verse.


Grinstaiam t1_j2mre6s wrote

Someone this morning knows they sold the bag that killed Gangeta Boo and almost killed her brother.


Ok_Newspaper9693 t1_j2lvakp wrote

I knew / know her. My bff is Memphis born and bread and “Lola” and her are tight. She’s destroyed. I have fond memories of her and no doubt she’s a legend and the queen of Memphis. RIP boo.


drunkbackpacker t1_j2l59fk wrote

She was on a lot of yelawolf songs. She was good.


Adventurous_Being_61 t1_j2n3fh3 wrote

Thaaaaats where I know her from.

Yeah, she had a great verse (or hook?been a while) on that Yelawolf track that had her & Eminem guest featuring.


BCCMNV t1_j2n5k01 wrote

Throw it up, it’s legendary.


therealkevinard t1_j2l5gul wrote

Damn, she was only 5 years older than me?!?!

To the wind with her. 🙏/😭


gonzar09 t1_j2l6k66 wrote

Me too. A damn shame. So many entertainers seem to be not making it to their 50s as of late. Between her, Twitch, Chester Bennington, Jeremiah Green...hell, Taylor Hawkins just turned 50 when his ticket was punched. Chris Cornell was 53, but that is just still too young to me.


therealkevinard t1_j2lbcq9 wrote

It's easy to think you're young as ever - until the music you grew up with dies off :((((

That hits, eh?


SalukiKnightX t1_j2rhdqk wrote

Lost my Pops at 56, lost too many former classmates in their teens and 20’s to a number of deaths. I just point it to when it’s your time, it’s time.


Avacabro t1_j2mr2mm wrote

Boo was a rap pioneer. She helped pave a way for females in the rap game since her late teens. She’s a legend. RIP


Juzzdide t1_j2mikxp wrote

Dang I’ve been bumping old 3 6mafia trying to get back that old nostalgia and wanted to test my subs. She had such a distinct flow and probably a better rapper than most in the group..

Gangsta boo RIP


TMP77x t1_j2m85z8 wrote

Damn I was just showing someone the track with her, Yelawolf & Eminem, “Throw it Up”. Sad to hear she passed.


DJ_Moore_2 t1_j2n0jey wrote

I just bought When The Smoke Clears on CD after hearing this news. I’d like to find a copy of her album Enquiring Minds but the one copy on eBay is wayyyyy too expensive.

Rip - gone way too soon.


Putrid-Objective1745 t1_j2m3nqa wrote

No way rip :(( such a bed news for the start of the new year:((


nastyleak t1_j2ob9sd wrote

Late Night Tip was my jam. RIP :(


abigailxo94 t1_j2lnq7r wrote

Fuck me. Her album Both Worlds *69 was one of my favorites.


LeoDiamant t1_j2oppc4 wrote

Oh no! We booked her to NY and she was so lovely to deal with! What a loss.


TheScarecrowBB t1_j2r5r21 wrote

Im born and raised in Nashville and everyone used to bump Three 6 Mafia around here. RIP Gangsta Boo.


black19 t1_j2u0o3g wrote

Hell, I'm East Coast born but west coast raised and we bumped that shit in both places.


vc6vWHzrHvb2PY2LyP6b t1_j2qqc5i wrote

Interesting- TIL there was a woman in Three 6 Mafia. I didn't even know they existed as a band before the 2000s.


squidking78 t1_j2nuu7e wrote

I miss the time when words made sense & people were named Barry.


QuestoPresto t1_j2p7fxl wrote

It’s so great you can get somebody at the nursing home to help you access the internet so you can learn about a 30 year old band.


[deleted] t1_j2o5iqy wrote



beyondbliss t1_j2orgw1 wrote

If you don’t care, then why are you here trying to piss people off?

I don’t get it. Why come on a thread just to say something ignorant and bad about her when there are others here who liked the artist and appreciated her contributions to music? If you’re bored, it makes better sense for you to participate in threads that actually interest you.


OutrageousPhase8491 t1_j2ou10j wrote

Freedom of speech I made a comment u decided to start the fight so move along


beyondbliss t1_j2oxksx wrote

No one said you didn’t have freedom of speech. My comment doesn’t even come close to qualifying as starting a fight. I merely asked you a few questions and your response clarified everything that I needed to know about you. If anything your comment was made to try an illicit a fight and get attention. Hope the little attention I gave, made you feel whatever emotion you needed to feel.

Have the day you deserve.


2giga2dweebish t1_j2omxkg wrote

Sad seeing people who have no empathy, no tact, and better yet, no common sense, because she wasn't one. You just wanted to be a racist prick.


OutrageousPhase8491 t1_j2oraoe wrote

Race has nothing to do with it! I decided I no longer care about drug addicts. I’ve had addict family members and friends die every year. I’m done being emotionally drained by them. If addicts want to party then let them party til death. While their friends and family go through hell. Fuk u for making it about race u dik head


2giga2dweebish t1_j2p2nf7 wrote

And what indicates she's a crackhead, hmmm? Come on mate, we know better.