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LiliNotACult t1_j6bd21x wrote

I love the comment section in these threads. So many people are missing the point of climate change, our entire fucking species is going to die off.


space-ish t1_j6ckfbf wrote

Agree, but two comments:

  1. Humans as a species will survive. However the effects of climate change will not effect everyone uniformly. People who are not well off will bear the brunt of climate change (forget cars, these people already don't even have proper drinking water).

  2. Other species will be affected if their niche environments change


GinTonicDev t1_j6cjdul wrote

Humans are crazy motherfuckers. We are the evil monsters that other animals dream about. The humans that made it through the ice age were evolutionary the same humans as we are today.

Humanity will be fine.

Civilasation as we know it today and hundred of millions, if not billions of people on the other hand...


puiterken t1_j6mo65d wrote

If humans weren't selfish, we wouldn't have climate problems this severe in the first place.


darthjoey91 t1_j6cfsku wrote

The species will be fine. Humans are really adaptable. Like yeah, people will die from stuff that wasn't really their fault, but that already happens every day.

But we do have a decent idea on how to fix it. There's just a lot of money in not fixing it.


Cimatron85 t1_j6cl4ix wrote

Ah yes. Nothing like a good ol existential threat.

People don’t see how this can and is and will be weaponized. After all, we’re on a mission to save the world!

It very much reminds me of the infallibility of religion. Don’t ask critical questions and, as long as you’re doing it in the name of Mother Earth, anything is justified.


Bjorn2bwilde24 t1_j6bfw4z wrote

You mustve missed the point about how the protest is causing cars to still in traffic, while running and pumping more Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


m1k3tv t1_j6bqgf6 wrote

That's a ridiculous argument, in the face of millions of cars idling for thousands of hours.


LiliNotACult t1_j6bqjkg wrote

If a protest isn't causing a disruption then it is ignored.


Bhxtwy t1_j6if4v0 wrote

But is it not arrogant to disrupt society because of personal beliefs?