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NoAirBanding t1_j5ioo9j wrote

Does Waze not run in Android Auto? It works fine with Car Play.


speculatrix t1_j5iqcai wrote

Waze runs fine for me with Android auto, I see traffic problems and things like broken down vehicles, police speed traps. I can reports those too. All on my car's infotainment touch screen. Galaxy Note 9, car is MG ZS EV.

So I don't know whether the person commenting above was having a problem or just being unclear.


Etiennera t1_j5is8z7 wrote

They prefer Maps in every way except Waze hazards features.


Rampage_Rick t1_j5iu70z wrote

The other upside to Waze is the volunteer editors. If there's an error in the map and the editors in that region are on the ball, you can probably get it fixed in a day or two (the map gets regenerated every 24h so it's not instantaneous)

Getting stuff fixed in GMaps can take a month or more.


buldozr t1_j5j7h3l wrote

Sometimes much longer: I've lived in the current area for a couple years, and they still have not fixed my suggestion that a road near my house is not forbidden for drive-through traffic. It used to have that restriction some years back, but Maps still refuses to route me through the far end of it.


railbeast t1_j5jlsab wrote

I still remember when I moved from near Google/Apple to another part of the country within the last decade. Holy shit, what a difference in quality and response from the respective companies between the two.


sovamind OP t1_j5na46x wrote

Yup, so I run both simultaneously. Waze on the phone screen, maps on the car screen. Only maps is ever used for navigation and I have my privacy set to never store trips / data and I don't have Maps logged in to a Google account. Waze forces you to login to get alerts or submit updates.


JennJayBee t1_j5iw6ov wrote

All of this, and I like the speed limit feature.


sovamind OP t1_j5n9v18 wrote

I specifically do not run waze in Android auto. I run Google Maps in Auto and Waze on the phone, simultaneously. That's the only way I can get alerts in Waze and useful navigation on the car screen. I never actually use Waze to navigate.


SpaceTabs t1_j5k3mrn wrote

Waze alerts absolutely get into Android Auto Google Maps. Also speed cameras. It does seem to be more "there" in navigation mode though. My guess would be there aren't enough contributors to get real time the data into Waze.


speculatrix t1_j5l3qhh wrote

I tend to use maps when I have searched for a business or place, in maps you can search for nearest coffee place and just drive. For commuting and planned journeys I use Waze.


HerpToxic t1_j5k2kg8 wrote

They killed Android Auto for phones. Now it only works if your car has Android Auto built into its onboard GPS screen thing.


Raynafur t1_j5jekg7 wrote

It depends on the vehicle. Waze works fine in my MIL's Acura, but the Ford Whatever I rented last year wouldn't support it.