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Rampage_Rick t1_j5iu70z wrote

The other upside to Waze is the volunteer editors. If there's an error in the map and the editors in that region are on the ball, you can probably get it fixed in a day or two (the map gets regenerated every 24h so it's not instantaneous)

Getting stuff fixed in GMaps can take a month or more.


buldozr t1_j5j7h3l wrote

Sometimes much longer: I've lived in the current area for a couple years, and they still have not fixed my suggestion that a road near my house is not forbidden for drive-through traffic. It used to have that restriction some years back, but Maps still refuses to route me through the far end of it.


railbeast t1_j5jlsab wrote

I still remember when I moved from near Google/Apple to another part of the country within the last decade. Holy shit, what a difference in quality and response from the respective companies between the two.