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sovamind OP t1_j5imhiw wrote

The only feature that I still like in Waze is how awesome the reporting of speedtraps and hazards are compared to Google Maps. I usually have to have Android Auto running for navigation and Waze running to report/get hazard information.


_CDXX_LXIX t1_j5jk6tk wrote

Unless I’ve been missing a buried menu option for years, Google Maps still doesn’t have any speed trap warnings on iOS—and I really prefer how Waze displays speed limit info over how GM does.

But GM is much better for planning routes with multiple stops, searching for nearby destinations of interest, and saving/tagging destinations and making lists. GM also has more options for home screen widgets, which I use a lot.

As an iPhone user, I’m always switching back and forth between the two—Waze for highway driving and for places where I’m unfamiliar with speed limits, and GM for more complex routes or in new cities, etc.

So combining the two could be a really good thing in some universe, but unfortunately, in this universe, I have a feeling Google will fuck it up.


LurkerPatrol t1_j5jrw5b wrote

Google maps shows the icons for it but doesn’t give an audible warning like Waze does


5150_Ewok t1_j5kczfm wrote

Yeah, I just took a drive and google maps shows cops conveniently at the bottom of a big hill that’s around a blindish corner. So by the time you see them it’s way too late.


Formergr t1_j5k044o wrote

> But GM is much better for planning routes with multiple stops, searching for nearby destinations of interest,

Yup, the "search along way" feature is so so helpful, showing you which location of X chain restaurant or store or whatever is the least amount of detour. Very helpful on long trips.


Puredowner t1_j5km355 wrote

If they remove the speedometer that waze has I will riot.


ablatner t1_j5l4iwm wrote

I thought Maps also had a speedometer.


Ellecram t1_j5lz88u wrote

My Android GM has the speed I am driving and the speed limit. When I go over the speed limit it turns red.


sirbissel t1_j5kty3y wrote

Yep, I think that one feature is why I prefer Waze over Maps, for when I -think- the speed limit is 35 because the road feels like it should be, but it turns out it's 25 or something...


bleestein t1_j5jxxte wrote

Apple Maps in CarPlay has gotten a little better with reporting speed traps and other obstacles. Still not as good as Waze, but something they are definitely implementing. At one point Apple Maps was even showing weather along routes, which was nice, but I think they deprecated that for some reason.


Plays_On_TrainTracks t1_j5koof0 wrote

My Google maps on Android has had speed traps and speed cameras reported and shown on the map for years now.

The person below said it doesn't give an audible warning. It def does for speed traps but not cameras. That's actually how I found out about the feature.


sovamind OP t1_j5n9o02 wrote

It sometimes does...but not nearly as reliably as Waze. Waze also shows you cops on the other side which is helpful b cause they often do loops.


Many-Wrangler-16 t1_j5kb69t wrote

Same here. I do a lot of highway drives and GM sucks. I tried switching back and forth GM to waze and GM it’s just not for me. And I know for sure once they merge, they will fuck that one up like any other product. To make it even worse I bet you they will make it paid membership to see the speed traps… just mark my words…


rtb001 t1_j5kzz6v wrote

Waze seems utterly incapable of search, period. With GMap I can just say navigate to the closest library/Burger King/whatever, and it'll find it and immediately plot a route to it. With Waze it'll find you a Starbucks 3 counties over for some reason and decide that is somehow the closest place you requested.


scarabbrian t1_j5kmdhf wrote

I use Google Maps on my iPhone for speed traps. It does display them, but it seems like you have to be interacting with the reporting feature regularly for it show. Like if I report something it will show me where other people have reported, but if I don't it won't.


TheMindfulnessShaman t1_j5ndrhc wrote

> Unless I’ve been missing a buried menu option for years, Google Maps still doesn’t have > any > speed trap warnings on iOS—and I really prefer how Waze displays speed limit info over how GM does.

Please entrepreneurs of the future, do NOT sell your innovations and ideas out to oligarchs who get rid of a "Do no evil" clause from their mission statement.

In ten years people will be trying to buy PS3s for millions of USD as the Titan-esque MNCs consume, paywall, and cripple all the services, entertainment, and memories that we take for granted now but which are getting backed up to "the cloud" (aka, bye bye).

I mean has Adobe's toolkit been usably performant since going SaaS?

Now add nation-state level cyberattacks and dishonest brokers within and on the BoDs of these companies.

It's a clusterfuck.


NoAirBanding t1_j5ioo9j wrote

Does Waze not run in Android Auto? It works fine with Car Play.


speculatrix t1_j5iqcai wrote

Waze runs fine for me with Android auto, I see traffic problems and things like broken down vehicles, police speed traps. I can reports those too. All on my car's infotainment touch screen. Galaxy Note 9, car is MG ZS EV.

So I don't know whether the person commenting above was having a problem or just being unclear.


Etiennera t1_j5is8z7 wrote

They prefer Maps in every way except Waze hazards features.


Rampage_Rick t1_j5iu70z wrote

The other upside to Waze is the volunteer editors. If there's an error in the map and the editors in that region are on the ball, you can probably get it fixed in a day or two (the map gets regenerated every 24h so it's not instantaneous)

Getting stuff fixed in GMaps can take a month or more.


buldozr t1_j5j7h3l wrote

Sometimes much longer: I've lived in the current area for a couple years, and they still have not fixed my suggestion that a road near my house is not forbidden for drive-through traffic. It used to have that restriction some years back, but Maps still refuses to route me through the far end of it.


railbeast t1_j5jlsab wrote

I still remember when I moved from near Google/Apple to another part of the country within the last decade. Holy shit, what a difference in quality and response from the respective companies between the two.


sovamind OP t1_j5na46x wrote

Yup, so I run both simultaneously. Waze on the phone screen, maps on the car screen. Only maps is ever used for navigation and I have my privacy set to never store trips / data and I don't have Maps logged in to a Google account. Waze forces you to login to get alerts or submit updates.


JennJayBee t1_j5iw6ov wrote

All of this, and I like the speed limit feature.


sovamind OP t1_j5n9v18 wrote

I specifically do not run waze in Android auto. I run Google Maps in Auto and Waze on the phone, simultaneously. That's the only way I can get alerts in Waze and useful navigation on the car screen. I never actually use Waze to navigate.


SpaceTabs t1_j5k3mrn wrote

Waze alerts absolutely get into Android Auto Google Maps. Also speed cameras. It does seem to be more "there" in navigation mode though. My guess would be there aren't enough contributors to get real time the data into Waze.


speculatrix t1_j5l3qhh wrote

I tend to use maps when I have searched for a business or place, in maps you can search for nearest coffee place and just drive. For commuting and planned journeys I use Waze.


HerpToxic t1_j5k2kg8 wrote

They killed Android Auto for phones. Now it only works if your car has Android Auto built into its onboard GPS screen thing.


Raynafur t1_j5jekg7 wrote

It depends on the vehicle. Waze works fine in my MIL's Acura, but the Ford Whatever I rented last year wouldn't support it.


arcticblue t1_j5jm2pa wrote

Another thing Waze does really well that everything else I've used has failed at is international navigation. I live in Japan and most of my stuff is configured to use English because that's my preferred language (I can listen more or less OK, but still can't read kanji very well) and Apple and Google Maps fails hard trying to pronounce road names and such. Apple maps will sound like an American doubling down on American-style pronunciation of names which sounds awful (sounds are wrong, tone is wrong, everything is just bad) while Google Maps will fail to even recognize that the roads are Japanese and speak them in some form of Chinese instead. It may as well be gibberish. Waze, on the other hand, recognizes this and will switch navigation to Japanese while everything else remains English. It's so much better.


DeanXeL t1_j5jq0hd wrote

The first time I went into Germany and my navigation suddenly switched to German I was INCREDIBLY annoyed. I don't think there's a good solution to this, but I'd just prefer more options. In my case, I'd much prefer that it just stay on my current language's navigation, but just no more trying to say streetnames or cities.


sovamind OP t1_j5nafjd wrote

Ironically, I have my navigation set to German all the time. 😊


grungegoth t1_j5jdhpz wrote

My v1gen2 radar detector uses an app called jbv1 which is integrated with waze. So that'll be interesting how that changes. Jbv1 also crowd sources radar data.


Billy_Likes_Music t1_j5j5kuf wrote

I too have run Waze and Google Maps via Android Auto simultaneously.

I like the screen look and traffic indicators of Maps but the Hazzard information of Waze.


sovamind OP t1_j5najml wrote

This is exactly what I was saying I do. Glad someone else understood what I meant.


FrattyMcBeaver2 t1_j5k6hqt wrote

I use an app called JBV1 to control my radar detector in my car. It will pull waze info to give advanced notice of police or speed traps ahead. Plus it crowd sources other radar detector hits and suspicious plane flight paths for when planes are used for speeding enforcement. I really hope they don't get rid of that one feature in waze.


testedonsheep t1_j5l7cmg wrote

I think the difference is just people who use google map are more casual users who don't care about reporting these kind of things.


Caster-Hammer t1_j5krs6l wrote

I A/B tested Waze and GM, and even though Waze is built on GM, GM consistently provided more optimized routes.

Waze does have better notices about hazards/traps, but I gotta get where I'm going faster and most of the time driving the speed limit is a far-off fantasy.


OnlyFlannyFlanFlans t1_j5ipp3d wrote

Waze is way better at warning you about speed traps. Google does this weird thing where they'll show you a speed trap but not announce it. Worried that the merge will make this feature less functional.


skelectrician t1_j5jvwjb wrote

You know Google's gonna totally fuck it up, then make it perfect, then abandon the entire project.


Formergr t1_j5k0d35 wrote

"Google Maps is now Google Cartography! You'll get all the features you loved in Google Maps in one handy location!"

6 months later...

"Google Cartography is no longer being supported with updates."


Clodhoppa81 t1_j5jy0sy wrote

If they can just stop Waze from eating the battery that would be something.


fleurgirl123 t1_j5k0qi4 wrote

This! Did they ever fix this? I had to switch away.


soonerfreak t1_j5k4e18 wrote

No, on a 90 minute drive from Philly to Baltimore it ate almost 60% of my battery.


tylerderped t1_j5k989x wrote

You don’t plug your phone in while driving?…


soonerfreak t1_j5k9ozv wrote

I had emptied my car and forgot to put my cable back in the car this trip. Still I don't think anything short of watching videos should eat up my battery this quickly.


TheMastahC t1_j5jy205 wrote

I was driving last Thursday night with Google Maps and got an alert with a voice that said "speed trap ahead".


SleepyEel t1_j5k5yiw wrote

Yeah I've gotten the audio speed trap announcements for* years


sovamind OP t1_j5nau2z wrote

Cool. If you had Waze running you'd have seen all the cops, potholes, fog, and stopped cars that Google didn't report. The reporting of police on the other side of the road is very helpful and totally missing on Google Maps.


holy_plaster_batman t1_j5jyx4y wrote

I've been getting speed trap alerts from Google maps for a while, but it's always when I'm right there so it's pretty pointless


Marokiii t1_j5mrm2m wrote

I hate how I have to have route guidance going to report a speed trap. If you aren't getting directions then you can't report anything.


sovamind OP t1_j5nay5c wrote

This. Waze let's you get alerts and report them without nav running. In fact, I never have navigation running in Waze.


IT_Chef t1_j5jbxeo wrote

So when Google fucks this up we are all gonna need an alternative.

What else compares to Waze?


mabhatter t1_j5jnv3n wrote

You can finally try Apple Maps!


Bits-N-Kibbles t1_j5js1em wrote

Apple Maps “corrected” an address I put in once causing me to drive across downtown Seattle during rush hour instead of 2 minutes away.


Cheerio1234 t1_j5k6hr9 wrote

Exact same situation for me. My “Home” address is my correct address, but it somehow thinks the zip code is wrong and automatically changes it to one two neighborhoods over.


ILikeMyGrassBlue t1_j5kj258 wrote

Apple Maps told me to get out in the middle of a field and walk to my destination, a Chinese restaurant, that was about five miles away.


n3cr0ph4g1st t1_j5kwgf9 wrote

Apple maps is such fucking garbage. My house is super easy to get to but for some godforsaken reason, Apple directs everyone through a golf course road to get to the side of my house which is a fire access road and blocked off with a locked gate so you can't get back onto the main road. So then they have to reverse like a mile just to get back to the road lmao.


meesh-lars t1_j5jvzwo wrote

It once gave me directions to go to the back of a strip mall parking lot and walk across a ditch to get to ups in another strip mall.


HaveFireInMyEyes t1_j5kzbdi wrote

I’ve been using Apple Maps for a while now since waze voice directions change mid trip which sounds annoying.

Zero beeps because I didn’t follow their directions, zero advertising, and zero weird fuel saving side trips.

It tells me to get out of a lane before it becomes a turn lane, tells me which lane to be in for the next directions, gives me more time when giving directions, and seems to use less battery too.


ytpq t1_j5oowhj wrote

>It tells me to get out of a lane before it becomes a turn lane, tells me which lane to be in for the next directions, gives me more time when giving directions

This is 100% why I prefer Apple Maps


Armonster t1_j5l0g0e wrote

real talk is there a way to use apple maps on android?

Apple maps is amazing at giving directions ahead of time to prepare you for whats coming up. Google maps is like "turn left now" on a 6 lane highway with no warning.


sovamind OP t1_j5nbqxi wrote

Google Maps - tap the direction bar at the top and it'll jump to the action you need to take, like take the exit. It'll stay on this view for all the steps until you tap it again to go back to your current position.


n3gr0_am1g0 t1_j5lhf09 wrote

My girlfriend uses Apple Maps and it seems to me to be consistently worse than Google maps or waze in designing routes.


VanWilder91 t1_j5nwfux wrote

I'd rather a blind man who doesn't speak English give me directions than use Apple Maps. It's utter shit


dangerliar t1_j5kdc8u wrote

This article is nearly 2 months old. The merge has already happened.


garysai t1_j5jb25t wrote

I've been waiting to hear them announce they're going to combine Waze and Maps into one app. And hoping like hell they don't do it.


ThatThar t1_j5jix8d wrote

Google would be more likely to discontinue both of them and replace them with a third maps app that lacks key features from both Waze and Google Maps.


arcticblue t1_j5jmnfn wrote

That would be such a Google thing to do. And they'd give iOS first access to new features like they did with Hangouts.


garysai t1_j5js49e wrote

Sitting here laughing and nodding in agreement.


miskdub t1_j5nuojw wrote

They could call it Google Wave! Maybe it’ll have a way to talk to other drivers too. They could call that part “hangouts”


gnocchicotti t1_j5jpcdo wrote

Usually Google would just shut down a project after paying millions or billions for it. Merging the teams is way better than average.


dangerliar t1_j5kde1k wrote

It's already been done, this article is dated 12/8/2022.


Icewear_Daddy t1_j5iug6m wrote

They should make a feature or version for commercial vehicles...


garysai t1_j5jaw69 wrote

This. I pull a camper at times and wish they'd put in some bridge height info and also let you tell it to use trucker routes vs taking you through the middle of towns.


Webs101 t1_j5jpglo wrote

The problem is that to warn trucks of height restrictions, an app needs to be 100% accurate from the start. Getting 80% of the way there is a disaster. So Waze almost certainly won’t support trucking in the future.


garysai t1_j5jt0h4 wrote

Data's already there. There're separate truck apps that do this. I've got a paper Rand McNally atlas that has bridge height s. Google just needs to add the data, preferably to Waze for me, and add the usual use at your risk provisos in the user agreement.


Webs101 t1_j5jy4j9 wrote

Google would need to buy that data.


garysai t1_j5jyr4y wrote

Or possibly get it from state DOT databases. But, ok.


KennanFan t1_j5m3s9o wrote

Google probably already has it, too. I'd be shocked if they didn't. It's just a matter of implementing it.


sovamind OP t1_j5nb2mi wrote

Also Waze allows you to set your vehicle "type" now so they clearly were getting ready to do this...


garysai t1_j5o39u9 wrote

Yeah, they've had that option for some time. I keep mine set as a truck trying to encourage them to do more for big vehicles.


messem10 t1_j5jj3bj wrote

Not Waze/Maps, but there are speciality GPS units and apps that do this.


kaihatsusha t1_j5jzkxk wrote

Google is an advertising company, and Maps is an advertising platform. The routing features are loss-leaders to get people to find Carl's Jr Burgers, who pays Google for the little brand icons.

A trucker, while critical to commerce, isn't using their map software to find and buy stuff at the retailers. They're just using it for routing. There's no advertising advantage to adding bridge height data.


broncofever t1_j5kqvun wrote

The vehicle on the shoulder warning has helped me tons. I run 14ft + wide regularly and I can't tell you how many times those have came in handy. Be safe driver 🤙


waltsnider1 t1_j5j86ft wrote

What would it do differently than standard?


legopieface t1_j5jdakk wrote

Bridge height warnings and no suggested U-Turns would be a start.


fefellama t1_j5jjr3c wrote

Man those are actually some good ideas. Sometimes I'm pulling a trailer and hate when Waze tells me to just pull a u-turn on like a two-lane road (one going either direction). Would be nice to have a simple checkbox that disallows them.


bob_lala t1_j5pehef wrote

plus have steep grade warnings or suggested detours


DomiNatron2212 t1_j5jjsbp wrote

Things all clearly posted by signs or lack thereof


JcbAzPx t1_j5k8lrw wrote

Okay, but I would think you'd rather find out a route is impassable for you before you're already at the part you can't go any further.


QuakerZen t1_j5jgkea wrote

Narrow Road warning, high double park areas, high traffic areas, slopes, tight turns (think hair pin), etc


ghrayfahx t1_j5j8mwo wrote

For me it wouldn’t try to get me to use carpool. Edit: it looks like it’s not pushing it like it used to, if it’s even still there.


LitheBeep t1_j5jcpff wrote

This article is over a month old


Negafox t1_j5jet6o wrote

The news is so old that Sam Bankman-Fried hadn't been arrested yet. I call dibs on posting about his arrest next week.


mtarascio t1_j5jnp37 wrote

Waze became useless with the ads.

Stopping at lights is a time to look at the map to confirm the routed path and be prepared.

Not to look at Wendy's burger covered in hairspray.


irktruskan t1_j5js2rv wrote

Not sure if this is an option for you, just sharing my experience in the hope it's useful. Waze over Android Auto integration, at least with my head unit, is surprisingly ad free. Occasionally I'll see a pin pop up trying to get me to stop at a Casey's, but that's it. No popups when the cars stopped.


RogerDodger008 t1_j5jwt2u wrote

Google doing google, takes a working product that people like and changes it and then kills it. Almost like they dont know what they are doing smh


logrzesi t1_j5nh2dl wrote

They've owned it for a decade, and this merge has already happened since the article is over a month old.

And given your reaction, I'd bet you haven't noticed a drop in quality since the acquisition or recent merger, so - maybe y'all just like to be hyperbolic about words on the internet?


dustingibson t1_j5jvbiy wrote

Maybe just me or my version of Google maps. Or how I have it set up?

Though I find Google maps to have more info and cleaner interface, the actual calling out of directions isn't very good. The call outs are usually late and sometimes confusing compared to Waze and even Apple. I like how Waze call outs are more in line of someone guide you in the front seat.

If it's not just me, maybe we will see an improvement in that?


Blanchypants t1_j5jwcz7 wrote

If anyone from google is lurking- a radar overlay would be amazing. I would love to know if I’m about to drive into a heavy band of rain.


TreePretty t1_j5kf6fm wrote

Fuck life, the whole point of Waze is that it's better than Google maps.


ChristianLW3 t1_j5lh2y5 wrote

Waze actually tells you which side of a fork to stay on

Took too many detours because GM couldn't be bothered to say stay left or right


Private_HughMan t1_j5jhuce wrote

I prefer Waze cuz it’s more willing to suggest side streets. Google Maps over-priorities main roads, imo, leading to longer travel times.


SalSimNS2 t1_j5k004a wrote

The google maps speed limits do not match the posted speed limits in many cases. And the procedure to TELL Google "yo' you got the speed limit wrong here and here" is stupidly complicated.


daxon42 t1_j5k2lue wrote

Buy and kill. All the things I loved about Waze has been slowly screwed with to the point even the voices are bad. I wish they had stayed independent and left it alone.


huitin t1_j5k4gc9 wrote

The article is from Dec 8?


KilroyLeges t1_j5ktc81 wrote

Ugh, please no. I guess I didn't realize that Google / Alphabet already owned them. But Google Maps for driving directions on my iPhone is horrible. Waze is awesome. I'm seriously afraid of how bad it might get folded into Google Maps.


ablatner t1_j5l4raw wrote

Google has owned Waze for years.


simonsays9001 t1_j6f6z8c wrote

But has not yet merged with google maps. The waze I use is still basically the same as the waze from before purchase. Now it's going to disappear.


AltDS01 t1_j5kturr wrote

But my 220k points on waze...


buldozr t1_j5j7lnj wrote

I guess this happens after they've randomly sacked a half of each team, leading to disorganization and a drop in morale.


laujac t1_j5jj0jd wrote

This happened a month before layoffs.


buldozr t1_j5jjiek wrote

Still, there's nothing like seemingly non-human driven layoffs to boost the newly unified team's productivity.


Gerald_the_sealion t1_j5jp340 wrote

Waze - great if you are traveling somewhere you wouldn’t normally to avoid traffic.

Maps - great otherwise.

Got stuck on I-95 for 3 hours traveling home and in that time made it less than 2 miles. Should’ve used Waze to avoid it before hand


leo_aureus t1_j5jzh3d wrote

Is this why Google Maps has been getting worse and worse lately?


KidRed t1_j5jzyl0 wrote

I hope Google leaves Waze alone since it’s the far superior option due to crowdsourcing accidents, hazards, police, etc.


Surgical_Precisizmn t1_j5kglju wrote

Wish there was a way to always show the next move.

Sometimes Google maps will show "in 0.5 miles turn left" and in smaller text below that "(then 0.2 miles turn right)"

I LOVE it when it tells me that. The setting is enabled. Almost never actually shows on screen.


sovamind OP t1_j5ncrfp wrote

Tap the green direction at the top and it'll show you the next step and zoom the map forward to show you as well.


Cichlidsaremyjam t1_j5jrkq0 wrote

Wait google owns waze? I guess that explains why good maps runs like absolute shut to the point I just use waze. Vertical Integration!


jschubart t1_j5jzduk wrote

I assumed this was the plan from the start. Although I did like that Waze was kind of a beta testing program for future Maps features.


jtj5002 t1_j5k6z1l wrote

My Google has been absolute shit lately. I'm not sure if it's Google map itself or the absolute failure of 5G outside of any UW cities.


MatterStream t1_j5kforw wrote

This is relatively old news, and they're not getting rid of Waze, they're keeping the products seperate, just merging the development teams.


WasteProfession8948 t1_j5kgn0u wrote

Old news. The article is from 12/8 and the merge has already happened


Admirable-Common-176 t1_j5koazg wrote

From what I understand the two teams have different cultures and processes. They better have hell of a leader and plan to pull this together.


broncofever t1_j5kq8bb wrote

As a truck driver who pulls oversize (14ft + wide) the vehicles on the shoulder warning is the best part of Waze for me.


crespoh69 t1_j5l92rr wrote

I like that Waze will direct you to carpool exits instead of just having you take an exit by getting out of the carpool. Would love to keep this feature as well as being able to specify if you're traveling via carpool or not


jeblis t1_j5lansh wrote

Been meaning to delete Waze. Now it’s gone.


Wolpfack t1_j5ljnl3 wrote

Embrace, extend, extinguish.

Some things in tech never change.


bob_lala t1_j5pe8wr wrote

honestly this shoulda happened 8 years ago (google bought waze in 2013, so give them a couple years to cross pollinate first)


non_descriptusername t1_j5rms16 wrote

Exclusive waze works so much better for me than Google I get real time reporting


permalink_save t1_j5kbm8y wrote

So borderline a monopoly then. When I had a Windows phone (I know...) I used Bing maps out of stubbornness to be zero Google and it worked fine enough. I still use them and aside from looking at reviews (which are Yelp) it is otherwise accurate. But when Windows phone went away I moved back to Android. No Bing maps. Tried to hack web version to work and it had weird issues too. Tried openstreetmaps and it was crazy lacking. Only two map apps on Android that seem to work are Google and Waze and I like neither. I just deal with Google's shit UI and collecting my data out of lack of options, with Waze merging there is really not an alternative. Google really wants your location data. On top of that, now maps keeps bitching how it can't figure out where I am and wants me to TAKE PICTURES of my surroundings, like no fucking thank you, previous phones tracked perfectly what did they do that fucked up GPS so bad?


Tipsy247 t1_j5kvkvc wrote

We are getting dumber with this navigation systems. We should learn how to navigate using the physical map.