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isawagoose t1_j5ldki7 wrote

>We did it for police brutality

No we didn't. Burning a few cop cars and dumpsters and then getting bored before the end of the summer is jack shit and was never going to be enough to accomplish anything. Peaceful and mildly rowdy protesting rarely achieves anytjing because it's not a real threat. The US government in its current state has demonstrated consistently that it absolutely will not give us anything of real value that we don't force it to give us.


JohnGillnitz t1_j5mjjec wrote

That sounds righteous and all until you think about it. Then it is stupid.


isawagoose t1_j5mlbw1 wrote

It's only stupid if you pretend there aren't brownshirts committing mass murders on a weekly basis, cops brutalizing non-violent protesters in the streets with impunity any time they might have chance of accomplishing something, state legislatures stripping people of their right to their very identies and murdering people by banning and restricting access to life saving medical care, mainstream religious leaders openly (and without consequence) calling for violence up to and including the wholesale murder of LGBT people, and an untouchable SCOTUS actively supporting and enabling all of this.

You have to be incredibly stupid to think any of this is going to go away without meeting their violence with violence, either from the state, or if that ultimately fails, from us.