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Simple-Stop5679 t1_j64wm5l wrote

So many people here are ok with this because it's buzz feed, without realizing this is a canary in a coal mine. Consider the implications of this. We are on the cusp of destroying the economy for the sake of stock bumps. When AI is capable of taking our jobs the CEOs will drop human labor and not bat an eye. To be clear buzz feed may seem trivial for sure, but when that extends to coding, law offices, finance, medicine, general clerical work in day to day business, what is left and how will money be distributed through the economy?


rokor t1_j6923zs wrote

Indeed. This is capitalism taken to it’s logical extreme. I don’t see how the future will make any sense for the largest percentage of the populous - without significant revisions to capitalism. Without saying anything at all about how the media will be effective at preventing even greater injustice. It’s very easy to tweak an AI to never say anything bad about Bezos/Musk for example. This is already baked in to Musk’s OpenAI product Dalle2 (AI art) which disallows creating politicians. We should definitely require all AI writing and artwork to be declared as such but I’m not sure how much that would help. Idk, bleak.