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Dacoww t1_j64xqbt wrote

Not knowing much about ChatGPT. Can you teach it? Like tell it it’s wrong and direct it to this website or maybe a more reliable source?


Flatline2962 t1_j64zrm0 wrote

Sort of. You can thumbs up or down a response and then give feedback in a window and the devs can go back and process those responses to help improve the program.

It's not a short term solution. The data set chatGPT works off of was 2021 era data.

It also supposedly remembers interactions within each conversation. I haven't really played with that continuity yet.


FatherDotComical t1_j668h8n wrote

The continuity is fantastic. I was goofballing around with creating robots on Mars who liked to fight Stars and a researcher trying the build them.

Each time I'd change a variable and at one point said their creator was named Big Foot and he could only communicate with stomps.

And even though that was very early in the conversation I was able to bring it back around and created a system where chat was interpreting what each stomp meant had mixing up the stomps to form a conversation.

Then we made the robots communicate in stomps in a way that could be translated back and it included how big foot designing them could give them a mobile advantage in space as well as communicating without reliance on air.

I ran with it the entirety of my 12 hour shift and I wish I had saved it.

I had it make an entire paragraph on stomps and I would define what each meant and then have it interpret back to me Big Foot's new variable to make the robots better.