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MIDNIGHTZOMBIE t1_j64y5g1 wrote

I detest the idea of AI writing because it can create misinformation creep — one incorrect article becomes a source for another article, and so on, until fiction becomes accepted fact.

It’s a common thing in low-quality medical articles like WebMD. Writers get paid $10 an article, so they just paraphrase other incorrect articles as quickly as possible to get the job done, but don’t actually fact check anything against valid sources.

This misinforms people, but also devalues quality writing. People don’t trust what they read anymore, or trust the wrong things that suit their opinions.


wart_on_satans_dick t1_j667t9z wrote

The flip side of this might be that it can aggregate so much information, it creates consolidated information a $10 article writer could simply never be able to do.


QuantumModulus t1_j673v5v wrote

LLMs fundamentally lack any understanding of reality or their inputs and outputs. Aggregating information is pretty vacuous when you have to sift through mountains of hay to find single needles.


wart_on_satans_dick t1_j67vcrm wrote

I didn't mean to suggest the technology is at that level now. I'm just naturally the opposite of a luddite lol.