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starlit_moon t1_j677bjc wrote

Yeah, there is value lost. It will make it harder for people who want to write articles to express their creativity and share their thoughts with the world. Writing for me is an escape. It is how I express myself. It gives me a distraction from things that stress me out. It is my joy. It is my everything. I already get paid hardly anything to write but I don't let that stop me because I do it for enjoyment. But the money is nice. I dread the day I lose my ability to get paid for what content I make. It is just nice to know that I can earn money from expressing myself creativity. It will never be enough to replace my full time job and I don't want it to be. But I do want some compensation. And if AI takes that from me, a part of me will die.


shebazz42 t1_j69hp0q wrote

That's a pretty sad premise. My recommendation, seriously, is to go log into ChatGPT and face the demon that's haunting you. If you have a story outline somewhere, bring it with. Feed some of your own ideas into it and see what happens. I've played around with it a bit, and was able to generate some really interesting stuff. None of what it generated would I consider a final product, though.

Also, don't stop writing. I'm sure as shit not going to stop writing code because AI is starting to. Those tools aren't there yet for me, but when the time comes, I'll have to embrace them. I've been through a few tech cycles, myself, and those who don't adapt are doomed to failure. It sucks, but it's our capitalist world's unfortunate reality. I've seen it firsthand over and over.

Though, at the same time, I don't get paid shit for any of my hobbies (and I've had many), and never have, so welcome to the club. I also enjoy writing, but am well aware that it doesn't pay for shit, so I've never even bothered to try and make money writing. I have a degree in computer animation, but the pay is shit and I abandoned even looking for a job when I realized I was going to be living in poverty in Los Angeles. I love taking photos and have tens of thousands, many of which are hanging on family and friend's walls. I've made... $50 on my photography over 15 years. The photography market has been utterly flooded for well over a decade, and trying to get my photos on a stock photo site was frustrating as hell, and they want very specific photos that I wouldn't particularly enjoy taking. I love gardening, and that can be a very expensive hobby to replace $5 of vegetables with $400 of gardening supplies (not to mention the profuse tears involved for zero profit). The list goes on and on.

So, I'm sorry you might not get paid to write anymore, but if you truly love it, why the fuck would you stop? Absolutely nothing will ever prevent you from writing except yourself. I totally get your depression, because it can seem bleak, but us humans are adaptable as fuck, and at the same time the future isn't clear at all. Shit's scary, but hiding in a hole will not do anything.