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webbedgiant t1_j2s4sye wrote

First Modest Mouse, now this? Why are all the drummers dying?!


3qtpint t1_j2sppxh wrote

The drummer for the Foo Fighters passed away this last March too



Astrium6 t1_j2t61dj wrote

The bassists are getting their revenge.


PGDW t1_j2t8mob wrote

Seems like its always been like this.


ClimbingBackUp t1_j2s5tgq wrote

I remember seeing them in concert for the first time. They put on an amazing show. Not just the music, which was awesome, but the pure showmanship. RIP


LowDownSkankyDude t1_j2s2rqv wrote

Damn. This one hurts. I learned how to play drums, playing along with their records.


ThatDudeJuicebox t1_j2smai1 wrote

Man it’s only 3 days in and I’ve read too many of these headlines already


iskin t1_j2s7ra7 wrote

2023 is starting off very rough.


macross1984 t1_j2tg0up wrote

Darn, 67 is not that old in this time and age. Thanks for making lot of people happy as member of Earth, Wind & Fire. RIP.


necesitafresita t1_j2s577h wrote

2023 isn't being kind to celebs, is it?


shewy92 t1_j2sp057 wrote

Jeremy (not dead but gravely injured), Ken Block, Damar Hamlin, Gangsta Boo, Uche Nwaneri (38 year old NFL player found dead on the 30th but announced yesterday), and a couple more. All within 3 days


Stinkyclamjuice15 t1_j2skt5j wrote

I understand why they were randomly playing let's groove on shortwave this morning now. That really sucks....


Mediocre-Pay-365 t1_j2swl6j wrote

That's how I found out Prince died. Was grooving to the radio and was like "wow, four prince songs a row, nice!". Now anytime I hear a band played multiple times in a row I assume they died.


PoignantPoetry t1_j2tll0s wrote

Modest Mouse’s drummer, Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia and this?

2023 looking bad already.


alphaparson t1_j2ueh46 wrote

I saw EW&F back when they were promoting I AM. The most entertaining concert i ever attended. 20 people on stage, costumes, magic show all during the concert. And the music, ever song on that album is great. What a spectacle.


damnthistrafficjam t1_j2vcfri wrote

My stepsister used to play their tapes in my stepdad’s car, thinking she was annoying him. If she really was he would have popped it out. Only great music I ever remember being played in a parent’s car. RIP ☮️


dblan9 t1_j2sfdn0 wrote

The way things are going for them, they will be down to just Fire pretty soon.


Knull_Gorr t1_j2u2kby wrote

2023 is coming out of the gates hard.


BigJSunshine t1_j2unb9t wrote

Damn. RIP you magnificent musician.


emperor_dragoon t1_j2s952o wrote

I'll start. Was that Earth, Wind, or Fire?


LowDownSkankyDude t1_j2sbmll wrote

I'd argue earth.


emperor_dragoon t1_j2sbvtm wrote

I was thinking he was Wind. But also he was the drummer, so it could have been Fire.


LowDownSkankyDude t1_j2sccwd wrote

I was thinking, since rhythm was the foundation of their music, he and the bass player were earth, their horn section was wind, and Maurice spit hot fire as lead vocalist. I probably put too much thought into it tho. LoL