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usrevenge t1_j2t33dr wrote

Idk he did the biggest crime possible in the us.

He stole from the rich.


Potential-Double7210 t1_j2ttygp wrote

It is highly speculated that when FTX was going down and a bank run on the company seemed to be in it's infancy, they gave what money they still had to their most important/wealthy investors first, although SBF characterizes this as FTX having given back requested withdrawals on a "first come, first serve" basis.


IWankToTits t1_j2t38e7 wrote

Eh... he also donated a lot of money to politicians.


Send-More-Coffee t1_j2ucd1q wrote

Yeah, but he's no longer able to donate to politicians. Politicians are kind of big on "What can you do for me?" types of exchanges. (Note: Good politicians are using this to score investment for their constituents, whereas bad politicians for themselves. Ugly politicians don't play this game and shit all over everything. Case in point: today's House of Representatives.)


IWankToTits t1_j2ucm9r wrote

I mean that's as easy as cut me some deals and I'll throw some money your way for reelection.

He has billions


Send-More-Coffee t1_j2uf7v8 wrote

Pretty sure that he's in trouble specifically for the fact he doesn't have billions.


IWankToTits t1_j2ugioz wrote

I mean the problem is his users don't have their money. It's pretty clear he has some extreme wealth tucked away.


sevnm12 t1_j2uosuf wrote

Those poor rich people. He's going to burn for that! (Actually though)


notaredditer13 t1_j2utk1j wrote

>He stole from the rich.

Did he though? Most crypto investors aren't rich. They're kids who are too young to remember Beanie Babies.