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FitLaw4 t1_j2t44bb wrote

Martin Shrkeli or whatever his name is has a YouTube video up going over sam's charges and using the fraud sheet that determines how much time you will get. He said it's the exact same one they gave him when he was convicted. If this guy is found guilty I dont think it's possible he will get less than 25 years just based on the amount of money that was stolen. Not even considering the other charges.


guruwiso t1_j2tgxxg wrote

While I saw Skreli's video and it had decent info in it regarding what SBF may face in this journey of his, I would warn everyone to be cautious of anything this guy says...Even his opinions on this trial.

He hasn't been out of prison a year and is already being accused of being involved in a shady crypto rug pull. He's also trying to push some software that he claims will harness computing power to solve drug discovery problems. However, this software looks really shady and I wouldn't be surprised if it's not some other crypto scheme he has planned behind the scenes.

Anyway, just a friendly word of caution. Some of the biggest snakes in the world come off as smart and friendly. It doesn't make them good people or make what they have to say any more valuable than the next guy.


FitLaw4 t1_j2thtkr wrote

While I agree I wouldnt trust him with my money or his opinions on what to invest in I would say his opinion on this is more concrete imo. He pulled up the fraud charge sheet on his screen so you could see the point system and everything for yourself as he's talking about it.


guruwiso t1_j2tntmx wrote

I think we're both in agreement here. I just wanted to throw out that PSA because I've seen way too many posts talking about how great Skreli is and how he's a reformed man now that he's out of jail. I guess some people just gravitate to bad role models.


IWankToTits t1_j2t493v wrote

We will see but I think crypto has been kept in a legal grey area on purpose.


Girth_rulez t1_j2t87ys wrote

Coincidentally SBF's parents were involved in this lobby effort.