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[deleted] t1_j2tkdaw wrote

Regardless, His name is forever tainted and he will never work in the industry aga, nor find anyone to work with him. He's the guy that lost billions for everyone including rich people. And he wasn't even smart about it. Unlike people like belfort or madoff that had some semblance of what to do, it's already but that at no point did the company even know how much money they had at any given time.

Sams life is going to suck for him. He may be well off than 98/99% of americans, but this was the wunderkind, the guy on time magazine, the guy with a stadium built for him, celebrity endorsements, expensive vacations and taste, the envy of all people globally. Everybody at one point wished they could have been smart like him and his friends.

But that's all gone now, his friends ratted him out, his billions gone and his incompetency is on display. Nobody wishes to be him anymore.

Sam is going to never again see that view or that world again and spend the rest of his life wishing for it back and never getting it.


IWankToTits t1_j2tklvz wrote

I mean I hope so but Im not sure I believe it.

There is an equally good chance he will get away with a good chunk of illicitly gained money, get a slap on the wrist and spend the rest of his life in luxury.


[deleted] t1_j2tpjxy wrote

Madoff got sent to prison.

Madoff also got the shit beat out of him in prison

Even then, the madoff family fell to complete ruins after the exposure.

PLenty of people get away with a slap on the wrist and it could happen here. BUt at the scale this happened and him trying to get as many hands in as many pies as possible with evidence to show for it, I have my doubts he'll be getting an easy life.

And like I said in my post, it may be a life of luxury of how we think it to be, but he isn't ever going to have the bezos life of luxury that he got a taste of and never will again.


notaredditer13 t1_j2utyw5 wrote

>PLenty of people get away with a slap on the wrist and it could happen here.

A lot of people believe this, but it isn't really true. People just don't recognize crimes when they see them or rather think that being rich or greedy is in and of itself a crime. It isn't.