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AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2um2iz wrote

Okay that's it I'm writing a will that states that if my kids can sell my parts for profit they're allowed to do so.

Fuck cremation, it's capitalism from the womb to the grave babyeeee!


LanceOnRoids t1_j2uzx2s wrote

Bro, come on now, ‘womb to the tomb’ was right there


AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2v7709 wrote


What about from birth do dirt?


blue_twidget t1_j2x5idz wrote

Lmao you're as terrible at this as Naufumi is at naming things.


silverman987 t1_j2uo11e wrote

It's expensive to be born, it's expensive to live, and it's expensive to die.


SGTree t1_j2yiwu9 wrote

I know you wrote this to be funny but like, do it.

Write up an advance directive. Let people know what you want done with your body. If you don't want cremation, find an alternative that works for you and write that shit down.

Otherwise, it'll be up to your grieving family to decide and you don't want them being pushed into a $10,000 embalming/vault/casket bullshit by some pushy funeral director.


AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2yllhr wrote

Yeah they are already aware. If they can't make any money from my corpse they're free to roll me up in some old newspaper and throw me in a ditch. IDGAF.


SGTree t1_j2ysu3h wrote

You still want it written down, so that way there are no arguments or misunderstandings.

My mother never wrote it down. Some people wanted parts of her ashes. Others wanted to keep her all together. Some people want her buried or put in a columbarium. Others wanted to keep her at home. My dad wants her interned with him and we're all adamant that that doesn't happen. The result is that her ashes sat in a closet for several years. Shes now in a box in my sisters living room. None of us can agree what to do with her, 15 years later.

Legally, the newspaper and ditch is not an option, exactly. You might look into natural burial if you just want a hole in the ground.


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_j2zgmdv wrote

I read just the other day that a state (California?) has legalized composting of of a body if the decedant wishes.