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silverman987 t1_j2uu39n wrote

I was responding to your initial comment about regulation. You wrote it's regulated. The article says it's not regulated, at least not federally. Locally may be different, but on a federal level, there is no regulation.


DeffNotTom t1_j2uwl58 wrote

Again, it's disingenuous. It makes it sounds like there's a free for all and anyone can just purchase body parts from a funeral home. That's very obviouly not the case. Next time a loved one dies, try to keep anything other than created remains, or try to buy some that aren't from some antique medical collection. Get a signed contract, a will, religious declaratio, whatever legal documents you can think of. You can't. You're not going to write laws that will stop some shithead who's already breaking the law.


silverman987 t1_j2uwpln wrote

But I'm not. I'm just simply stating a fact. I'm pretty sure we're talking about different things now. This conversation is over.


DeffNotTom t1_j2ux5id wrote

"it's disingenuous" "How" "Because it makes it sound worse than it is" "We're talking about different things"