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aint_that_right t1_j2ve3g8 wrote

This happened in my home town. She would come through the drive through on her way to court, absolutely unbothered by the fact that the barista on warming had her son given back to her as cement powder. We all hated her, I pride myself on my kindness to every customer - she never got a single smile from me. 20 years isn’t long enough!!


Zelensexual t1_j2xfji9 wrote

Should have given her decaf


aint_that_right t1_j2xfsnn wrote

Oh, we took absolutely no care with her drink. She’d come back for remakes so we’d deliberately make it wrong again. Drove her crazy, she still kept coming though because Starbucks corporate was the only coffee shop that would still serve her!


Temptemp123321 t1_j30eryq wrote

Why? What is the difference between ash and another powder?