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Ghost_of_a_Black_Cat t1_j2x0g6e wrote

>There's absolutely no excuse for that. When we take someone into our care, the first step is to put a hospital style tag around their ankle.

I've worked in hospitals for years. The last one at which I worked would put a toe tag around one ankle and another around the opposite wrist.

We attached another to the zipper of the body bag, and then clipped one more toe tag to the decedents door in the morgue (we had stainless steel stalls with big refrigerator doors).

The toe tags were made from heavy-duty tag board and we used thick rubber bands to attach them. They weren't going anywhere unless manually removed.

Anyway, four levels of ID right there. No excuses. The Sisters didn't fuck around.


LuangPrabangisinLaos t1_j2yhpjb wrote

That's how we do it in Canada.

And don't forget the dentures if they have them! They look weird without them, and trying to get them in after they stiffen up is brutal.