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Wsbkingretard t1_j2ulkcc wrote

She looklike the girl in totalrecall


chiquis69 t1_j2usc63 wrote

Her lawyer is working on reducing the sentence to “two weeks”


poboy212 t1_j2wllwr wrote

She should get ready for a big surprise


poboy212 t1_j2utjqf wrote

Two weeks


Hopeful_Hamster21 t1_j2vjb8h wrote

Two weeks


Marthaver1 t1_j2vcow5 wrote

She looks like Claire from Degrassi The Next Generation. (Gosh I miss that gen, wish I were in my mid teens again).


livethelifeyoulove t1_j2upd2v wrote

I have a friend who’s sister passed away and they used this funeral home. A couple years later the FBI showed up and asked to text the ashes to see if they were actually human or concrete.


FLTDI t1_j2uqim3 wrote

What were the results?


livethelifeyoulove t1_j2uqu5n wrote

It came back as 100% pure human.


houseman1131 t1_j2v6dnb wrote

I found out my aunt asked the funeral director to see my grandma's body a few hours before bural during covid mask restrictions and they told her no. I do wonder if she's really in the casket.


docmedic t1_j2vbz12 wrote

The water heater contractor was telling me how his grandfather was swapped out for someone else. Granted a lot of people were dying of covid (including the grandfather), but mixing up bodies is utter bullshit given what funeral homes charge. In any case, he was able to check.


malphonso t1_j2wlcbo wrote

There's absolutely no excuse for that. When we take someone into our care, the first step is to put a hospital style tag around their ankle. On it is their name and date of death. We do that in their homes before we even lift them onto a stretcher.

In addition, we ask the families to bring in an ID or photo of the decedent so we can have something to compare them to at every step.


Ghost_of_a_Black_Cat t1_j2x0g6e wrote

>There's absolutely no excuse for that. When we take someone into our care, the first step is to put a hospital style tag around their ankle.

I've worked in hospitals for years. The last one at which I worked would put a toe tag around one ankle and another around the opposite wrist.

We attached another to the zipper of the body bag, and then clipped one more toe tag to the decedents door in the morgue (we had stainless steel stalls with big refrigerator doors).

The toe tags were made from heavy-duty tag board and we used thick rubber bands to attach them. They weren't going anywhere unless manually removed.

Anyway, four levels of ID right there. No excuses. The Sisters didn't fuck around.


LuangPrabangisinLaos t1_j2yhpjb wrote

That's how we do it in Canada.

And don't forget the dentures if they have them! They look weird without them, and trying to get them in after they stiffen up is brutal.


ctesibius t1_j2wgux6 wrote

I’m a funeral officiant in the UK. During lockdown, the bodies in my region were in double body bags. That’s all bodies, not suspected COVID cases. It would not have been possible to see your grandma. I do know that there is a robust method of tracking here, so I’m confident that the right people were buried or cremated, and in any case we are back to allowing viewings.


Winendinen69 t1_j2x3yll wrote

My now-husband (then boyfriend)'s Holocaust surviving Grandpa died in Vienna, Austria a few years ago - when the head of a local Orthodox jewish temple found out that he the deceased was Jewish, the man stole my husband's grandpa's body from the hospital. The guy REFUSED to give the body back to my husband's family because the grandpa wanted to be cremated, and you aren't allowed to be cremated in the Jewish faith


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_j2zfy05 wrote

Wait. What?? The man wasn't even a Rabbi (not that it would make it better)? I hope your husband's family filed charges against the man and sued the hospital. I can't fathom something like that happening to one of my family members. My condolences to your family.


FLTDI t1_j2ur0cv wrote

That's good for your family


AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2um2iz wrote

Okay that's it I'm writing a will that states that if my kids can sell my parts for profit they're allowed to do so.

Fuck cremation, it's capitalism from the womb to the grave babyeeee!


LanceOnRoids t1_j2uzx2s wrote

Bro, come on now, ‘womb to the tomb’ was right there


AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2v7709 wrote


What about from birth do dirt?


blue_twidget t1_j2x5idz wrote

Lmao you're as terrible at this as Naufumi is at naming things.


silverman987 t1_j2uo11e wrote

It's expensive to be born, it's expensive to live, and it's expensive to die.


SGTree t1_j2yiwu9 wrote

I know you wrote this to be funny but like, do it.

Write up an advance directive. Let people know what you want done with your body. If you don't want cremation, find an alternative that works for you and write that shit down.

Otherwise, it'll be up to your grieving family to decide and you don't want them being pushed into a $10,000 embalming/vault/casket bullshit by some pushy funeral director.


AlabamaHotcakes t1_j2yllhr wrote

Yeah they are already aware. If they can't make any money from my corpse they're free to roll me up in some old newspaper and throw me in a ditch. IDGAF.


SGTree t1_j2ysu3h wrote

You still want it written down, so that way there are no arguments or misunderstandings.

My mother never wrote it down. Some people wanted parts of her ashes. Others wanted to keep her all together. Some people want her buried or put in a columbarium. Others wanted to keep her at home. My dad wants her interned with him and we're all adamant that that doesn't happen. The result is that her ashes sat in a closet for several years. Shes now in a box in my sisters living room. None of us can agree what to do with her, 15 years later.

Legally, the newspaper and ditch is not an option, exactly. You might look into natural burial if you just want a hole in the ground.


Junior_Builder_4340 t1_j2zgmdv wrote

I read just the other day that a state (California?) has legalized composting of of a body if the decedant wishes.


walterodim77 t1_j2upewr wrote

You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.


IgnotusRex t1_j2uv7bp wrote

Just when you think a movie can't get anymore quotable.


dsfromsd t1_j2ujvzx wrote

No surprise here. Everyone knows Funeral Homes charge an arm and a leg


PorygonTriAttack t1_j2w003v wrote

Why can't they just offer the bare bones pricing? Not everyone can afford what they're asking.


redander t1_j2ujjf4 wrote

The body part industry is so unregulated it's ridiculous. Seriously why is body part broker a thing?

Edit: why are they a thing. Seriously it's ridiculous and needs to be better regulated


davidwb45133 t1_j2ultgm wrote

When people hear body parts they immediately tend to think of organs like heart, kidneys, etc. These are strictly regulated in western medicine and hard to skirt. The provenance of an organ is checked at every step from pre-donation to post-op. But bones, skin, tendons, etc are also body parts that are used in medicine and regulated but somewhat easier to skirt because a single donation goes to a myriad of donees and unlike solid tissue, they aren’t necessarily used right away.


DeffNotTom t1_j2ukos5 wrote

It's extremely regulated, but easy to skirt. You're not going to check your relatives organs out at the funeral home.


silverman987 t1_j2unoz3 wrote

according to the article: "It is illegal in the United States to sell organs such as hearts, kidneys and tendons for transplant; they must be donated. But selling body parts such as heads, arms and spines – which is what Hess did – for use in research or education is not regulated by federal law."


DeffNotTom t1_j2uq7j3 wrote

Disingenuous wording there. It's illegal to steal body parts for any reason, which is what that person did. The two main categories of selling human remains are for legitimate education and research, which has a massive paper trail.. and collectors who deal on antiques. If you're selling or buying new human specimens as a collector, they're 100% stolen and you're already breaking the law.


silverman987 t1_j2usaud wrote

How is the wording disingenuous? The article says "selling body parts such as heads, arms and spines ... for use in research or education is not regulated by federal law."


newluna t1_j2xnyzm wrote

Selling anything stolen is illegal. The reason heart and other common life-saving organs are illegal to sell at all is that allowing so will create a whole lot of abuse. That doesn’t mean you can sell a “sellable” organ without the consent of the donor or their next of kin.


silverman987 t1_j2xowsk wrote

Correct and I didn't say you can. I'm only responding to OPs statement that there are regulations when in the article it clearly states there is not. Honestly, if there was this would not happen as often or be done so easily.


DeffNotTom t1_j2utc5b wrote

It's illegal to steal body parts from people. You need consent from the person before they die, or from their family, in order to do anything with them. Anyone buying body parts for a legitimate purpose ensures they have that paperwork. You cannot just walk into a funeral home and buy body parts. That's regulation. In a lot of those cases, the funeral home got consent from families through fraud or forged documents and sold to legitimate buyers who thought they had the right paperwork. They would have had everything they needed to beat the government in attempts of anymore oversight. In other cases she straight stole body parts and sold them on the black market in a way that wouldn't have been reported anyway. I'm not sure how you think the government is going to regulate someone selling things out of the backdoor of a funeral home when you can't check if the urn you got had all your loved ones pieces in it.


silverman987 t1_j2uu39n wrote

I was responding to your initial comment about regulation. You wrote it's regulated. The article says it's not regulated, at least not federally. Locally may be different, but on a federal level, there is no regulation.


DeffNotTom t1_j2uwl58 wrote

Again, it's disingenuous. It makes it sounds like there's a free for all and anyone can just purchase body parts from a funeral home. That's very obviouly not the case. Next time a loved one dies, try to keep anything other than created remains, or try to buy some that aren't from some antique medical collection. Get a signed contract, a will, religious declaratio, whatever legal documents you can think of. You can't. You're not going to write laws that will stop some shithead who's already breaking the law.


silverman987 t1_j2uwpln wrote

But I'm not. I'm just simply stating a fact. I'm pretty sure we're talking about different things now. This conversation is over.


DeffNotTom t1_j2ux5id wrote

"it's disingenuous" "How" "Because it makes it sound worse than it is" "We're talking about different things"



vapidamerica t1_j2uurvr wrote

"You want a toe? I can get you toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude."


BlindWillieJohnson t1_j2vqccw wrote

I mean, it’s at least a little bit regulated, or she wouldn’t be going away for 20 years


KbarKbar t1_j2vu9ad wrote

She was tried and sentenced for fraud, not for selling body parts. She charged people for cremations that were either incomplete or never happened.


DragoonDM t1_j2xgvhw wrote

Does seem like there should be at least a bit of regulation and oversight involved if I want to buy a human spine...


Stan_Archton t1_j2vge6f wrote

How much can you get for body parts these days? Asking for a friend.


Ok-Chart1485 t1_j2yuq2f wrote

Surprisingly you get a lot more abroad than in the US, according to the Google. 3.5 k for a kidney (which frankly sounds crazy cheap, used car pricing with similar life expectancy, but for something you can't get off a lot), apparently more like 10k if you go to eg Mexico, but more hassle, risk, and overhead.

Just another day , another wiki dive , that probably gets me added to (another?) government watch list lol


Illumnyx t1_j2ujjwd wrote

>"It's concerning to the court that defendant Hess refuses to assume any responsibility for her conduct."

I guess you could say she's not too cut up about it.


silverman987 t1_j2unvir wrote

She blames it on a traumatic brain injury. Hopefully, 20 years in prison will cure her of the ailment that caused her to sell body parts and lie about it.


GDogg69 t1_j2wmrzb wrote

She will be if she ends up in her own funeral parlour


Bending_toast t1_j2v4g2a wrote

-"Our sweet mother, they dismembered her," Erin Smith said, selling her shoulders, knees and feet for profit. "We don't even have a name for a crime this heinous.— Good god I can’t even fathom having to go through that. That lady is a ghoul through and through


aint_that_right t1_j2ve3g8 wrote

This happened in my home town. She would come through the drive through on her way to court, absolutely unbothered by the fact that the barista on warming had her son given back to her as cement powder. We all hated her, I pride myself on my kindness to every customer - she never got a single smile from me. 20 years isn’t long enough!!


Zelensexual t1_j2xfji9 wrote

Should have given her decaf


aint_that_right t1_j2xfsnn wrote

Oh, we took absolutely no care with her drink. She’d come back for remakes so we’d deliberately make it wrong again. Drove her crazy, she still kept coming though because Starbucks corporate was the only coffee shop that would still serve her!


Temptemp123321 t1_j30eryq wrote

Why? What is the difference between ash and another powder?


_PM_ME_YOUR_FORESKIN t1_j2uqibe wrote

Can’t wait for the next episode of Ask A Mortician! :)



Betta45 t1_j2xa9zu wrote

I thought she already mentioned this in another video, but I can’t find it. Perhaps in one of her many funeral directors gone bad videos.


problembearbruno t1_j2ussr2 wrote

Jesus Christ, just realizing that this woman was the same age I am now in this picture... I don't think she lived hard so much as she lived old.


VariationNo5960 t1_j2w60nx wrote

She "made herself up" for that interview. And she probably thinks she looks fantastic. She is from the CO populace that keeps electing Boebert.


cpas2b t1_j2um127 wrote

It was just a part time gig… Basically just lending a hand here and there…


dpmad t1_j2vclup wrote

The name was “Abby Normal”.


Plastic_Situation_15 t1_j2vxgks wrote

Interesting story but why is the photo just a couple of house plants?


MajorKoopa t1_j2x4h3f wrote

How does someone look like the crime they committed?!?


JohnGillnitz t1_j2x5gzd wrote

Depending on what state you live in, funeral homes can be outright horrific. Sure, everything looks clean and respectful in the front of the house. Where the actual work goes on can look like a horror show. Covid deaths were piling up and homes were literally stacking bodies one on top of each other in broom closests cooled only by a AC window unit. What goes into that $5K casket (not coffin, there is a difference) is pretty much a husk filled with poison and caked on makeup. I'm donating my body to science. No way I want someone spending thousands of dollars to get rid my mortal meat. Throw me out to the buzzards like nature intended.


iamjuliette5 t1_j2vmu7w wrote

I hope ask a mortician can cover this


fishrunhike t1_j2wddpd wrote

" I got a question about you morticians. You bang the dead bodies? I imagine stuff like that goes on all the time. I mean, I don't give a shit. If I was dead you could bang me all you want. I mean, who cares? A dead body is like a piece of trash. I mean, shove as much shit in there as you want. Fill me up with cream, make a stew out of my ass. What's the big deal? Bang me, eat me, grind me up into little pieces, throw me in the river. Who gives a shit? You're dead, you're dead! "


toxic_badgers t1_j2val2a wrote

Gross. Horrible if you find out this was one of your loved ones being sold.


BlackEyedGhost t1_j2z9wk0 wrote

I'd be fine with it. I'd rather have my relatives aid medical science than get immolated or rot in the ground.


operarose t1_j2vucz4 wrote

The Swindled episode on this wretched ghoul made me furious. May she rot.


bee-milk2 t1_j2wqgw9 wrote

I dated someone whose deceased grandparent was victim to this abhorrent shit


DickieIam t1_j2yawy5 wrote

Wow… this lack of regulation around the sale of body parts was an issue around the HH Holmes thing too! He would sell skeletons of his victims to universities.


oshkoshpots t1_j2utnlu wrote

Why did I just have an Unsolved Mysteries flashback


mjetski123 t1_j2wyxlu wrote

What kind of weird ass font is Reuters using?


WALTER_SOBCHAK t1_j2x5mc9 wrote

Just because we're bereaved doesn't make us saps.


beenburnedbutable t1_j2y1erl wrote

It’s nearly been a year since a bunch of human heads were stolen in Denver.

Where are those heads?!?


super80 t1_j2yleqq wrote

It was stolen from a delivery truck along with a dolly I’ll speculate and say it’s the same genius who steals from Walmart /career shoplifter saw an opportunity and just took the stuff while the driver was inside delivering. Imagine the surprise the heads are probably in some land field.


Temptemp123321 t1_j30edow wrote

20 years seems excessive. They didn't actually harm anyone. The worst they did is rob some worms of a meal.


gmo_patrol t1_j2ycybd wrote

20 years for simple theft? Seems absurd considering they're dead meat.


metonymimic t1_j2yn8hf wrote

Incidentally, I've known two people in Colorado who've died from bad bone transplants. One dude caught cancer from the donor bone (he and a handful of others all ended up with cancer from the same donation), and one chick didn't wake up from hers. Which is always a danger. But it was the same hospital with presumably same doctors and almost the same procedure and they lived like a half a mile from each other and they died a year apart and it's unrelated just weird that's all.


Use_this_1 t1_j2yqlr4 wrote

This is why my husband's family sticks around until the casket is sealed into the vault.


BlackEyedGhost t1_j2z8vjz wrote

So... she hurt some people's feelings and took money for services she didn't actually provide. Needlessly harsh sentence for what essentially amounts to giving people the wrong ashes and insulting their dead relatives. She sold the parts to surgical-training companies, so there were real medical benefits to other real people because of what she did. Organ donation really should be opt-out rather than opt-in.


DismalAd8187 t1_j2zbdog wrote

Guess she needed some stiff competition


hungrymisanthrope t1_j2wd3gf wrote

Can't wait to see the Hulu Original series on this.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_j2wk152 wrote

So, I gotta ask... Did they sell them by weight, volume or 2 for 1 ? /s


jonny_jon_jon t1_j2wqe5p wrote

how much does and arm and a leg cost these days anyways?


mikeonmaui t1_j2vqew0 wrote

Lend me a hand, will ya?


Narrator2012 t1_j2wy1z3 wrote

I got a question about you morticians. You bang the dead bodies? I imagine stuff like that goes on all the time. I mean, I don't give a shit. If I was dead you could bang me all you want. I mean, who cares? A dead body is like a piece of trash. I mean, shove as much shit in there as you want. Fill me up with cream, make a stew out of my ass. What's the big deal? Bang me, eat me, grind me up into little pieces, throw me in the river. Who gives a shit? You're dead, you're dead! Oh shit! Is my mic on?