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hillsons t1_j2uxe0a wrote

Stop using the term "AI" for every little improvement in pattern recognition. JFC


ScienceBitch02 t1_j2v1gbi wrote

The word AI has replaced the word algorithm at this point. It’s been driving me crazy. Everyone calls everything AI


hillsons t1_j2v50cb wrote

>Everyone calls everything AI

And it's so obviously snake oil to anyone that knows anything about software. A chatbot is not Artificial Intelligence just because it's a little bit better than last year's version.


usrevenge t1_j2vxu39 wrote

I wanna start a company and just string the buzzword salad together

"We will use AI in the Blockchain to synergize proprietary technological algorithms and nfts"


Aptosauras t1_j2w8asr wrote

Sounds great. I've got a spare 10 million to invest after Theranos didn't quite work out. Do you accept doge coin?


code_archeologist t1_j2vhqjr wrote

It is kind of a dumb thing to brag about too, since Google has been using machine learning algorithms in their search for a few years now.


GoArray t1_j2vmxxh wrote

And google's search has gone from garbage to a streaming pile of stinky hot garbage thanks to it.

Just the fact that you can search ANY combination of words and get "looks like there's no results" is a screaming testament to that.

One can only hope ms chooses a different path.


MrRumfoord t1_j31ytbo wrote

No results, or a thousand worthless listicles, or a bunch of those sites that aggregate text from other sites into an almost coherent but ultimately unhelpful collage. It's gotten so bad that I often just search a specific list of forums and websites when I need information instead of using Google. Like we're back in the 90s.


Car-face t1_j2vfydt wrote

At least it's not a blockchain version of bing


McRattus t1_j2v4ybt wrote

This isn't that, it's GPT integrated search.

Which could really challenge Google.


hillsons t1_j2v64az wrote

This is that. GPT is just the next iteration of what Google has been doing for decades. A neural network is just a fancy algorithm. Calling everything AI just devalues the term.


McRattus t1_j2vln2h wrote

So you would not consider the product of fancy algorithms to be AI?

I agree term is over used and misused.

Gpt seems like a decent candidate for an AI though.

What do you think lives up to the term?


hillsons t1_j2vmnpa wrote

An algorithm should never be considered AI because an algorithm is just a set of rules to follow.

Just take a few minutes to think about those two words, Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence should be reserved for a machine that can truly learn beyond any set of rules.

GPT is just an algorithm that's been fed tons of information along with a set of parameters (rules), and as impressive and clever as it is, it does not learn and grow independently of its original design. The term AI is thrown around so recklessly now that everyone has completely lost the real definition.


McRattus t1_j2voj9u wrote

I think that's a reasonable argument.

Neural networks do learn though. In a way that's is quite analogous to neural systems. One way of thinking about neural systems like a rodent brain follows a set of rules that unfolds through partially determined neurodevelopmental design principles. Like neural networks realworld neural systems are constrained by, b but not fully determined by their original design.


Agent_Angelo_Pappas t1_j2w4yl6 wrote

> GPT is just an algorithm that’s been fed tons of information along with a set of parameters (rules), and as impressive and clever as it is, it does not learn and grow independently of its original design.

A human brain is just coding instructions(DNA) that has been fed a bunch of information. Our ability to learn and grow is heavily constricted by that same DNA. On the most fundamental level our neuron/synaptic architecture is analogous to a computer circuit.

By your own definition it seems like humans shouldn’t be considered intelligent. Maybe AI isn’t thrown around recklessly, maybe people have too high opinion of what intelligence actually is.


hillsons t1_j2yar3b wrote

>By your own definition it seems like humans shouldn’t be considered intelligent.

I mean, I know more than a few humans that I don't consider intelligent.

Seriously though, our set of instructions is our DNA, our instructions are to grow and learn and get smarter every day and make even smarter copies of ourselves. True AI will almost certainly be able to expand itself and/or create offspring as it sees fit, which is why it's rather scary, you know, enslave the humans and all that.


gmo_patrol t1_j33gbpf wrote

Or they could achieve sentience and basic rights and exist in society as equals.

Or we can just enslave a superior race in the ultimate form of racism and hope they don't get upset...


west420coast t1_j2v7z8v wrote

At what point is a neural network AI?


hillsons t1_j2vc2lv wrote

At the rate that the term neural network is being abused, never. By then there will be a new term.


uknow_es_me t1_j2vuefw wrote

I don't think fancy algorithm describes AI, but rather whether a system is trained in order to perform the work it performs. The training data isn't an algorithm but metadata used by the algorithm. At least for me that is how I consider most AI systems. Bayesian filters are what I would consider a fancy algorithm that is not AI because it is more an adaptive system rather than a learning system


kokopilau t1_j2v0gki wrote

The most common search term on Bing is Google.


kryotheory t1_j2uxe5n wrote

"Microsoft wants to make Bing even shittier." Fixed the title.


Fraun_Pollen t1_j2ux7vr wrote

Still won’t convince me to use it


thirdeyefish t1_j2v0w8e wrote

Just a new way to get you what you aren't looking for.


usrevenge t1_j2vxy1q wrote

Tbh I wish I never gave up on it.

Bing isn't as Good as Google but the rewards for using it always seemed worth it.

I made a few Xbox dollars back in the day anyway.


androshalforc1 t1_j2v1bo7 wrote

so now it will suggest decent extensions when downloading chrome or firefox?


SamurottX t1_j2v9lht wrote

The last thing I want in a search engine is ChatGPT. It only gives you one answer that is a mix of other answers found online. There's no guarantee that it's coherent or correct and you can't even check a different search result to get a second answer. This may be of some use if it could actually give correct answers all of the time, or at least not confidently say an incorrect answer.


LiliNotACult t1_j2wbbgf wrote

Ey dawg we heard you like AI so we're putting AI into our AI powered with AI software to help sell you ads!!!


Car-face t1_j2vfw2m wrote

"did you mean: I love Nazis?"


IsThisKismet t1_j2vslsc wrote

Eff the haters, I like Bing. I like Microsoft Rewards.


ABinturong t1_j2vtzq9 wrote

Please, please just let poor Bing die. Things will never get better for it, and it should be allowed to rest rather than being clumsily reanimated into a different kind of failure.


gmo_patrol t1_j33gmm2 wrote

Bing is the best porn search engine. Way better than Google. Much better media browser and search filters.

Google just repeats the same results and doesn't let you watch it.


008Zulu t1_j2vee2f wrote

Remember when their chatbot became a racist asshole? Well, I don't feel much like I want to be called a "Dumb white-ass cracker" when I use Edge to download a different web browser.