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PanFriedCookies t1_j5zxufs wrote

I mean, even then it'd be better in terms of humanity. You can't fuck up blowing up someone's brainstem, but you sure as hell can mess up the paralytics so people put to death feel everything as the killing drug makes its way through their system.


m0le t1_j607p33 wrote

You really, really can fuck up shooting someone in the head. It semi regularly happens to people making suicide attempts. The results can be truly horrific, life alteringly bad, though I guess if your life expectancy is "until the squad can reload and fire again" that isn't as much of a concern. Really messy and unpleasant though.


Dangerous_Golf_7417 t1_j613uzk wrote

Suicide attempts usually end with one gunshot, and people are pretty bad at shooting themselves. Several trained marksmen would theoretical not botch their shots in the same way.


m0le t1_j618fco wrote

Could do - that first shot on target is going to mess with everyone's targeting.


Dangerous_Golf_7417 t1_j6193sv wrote

Fair point. I think traditionally it's 5+ people aiming at the heart/center mass so it's more effective than a missed headshot, but still stands the chance of being uncomfortable for a bit


MidLifeHalfHouse t1_j62xzxp wrote

Much easier to fuck up shooting self in head vs other.


m0le t1_j62z1u1 wrote

Have you met soldiers? They're the people you give your gadgets latest "idiot-proof" design to for testing and get reports back like "scope does not automatically reject crayons hammered in".


BlanstonShrieks t1_j60nc75 wrote

I believe that many of the so-called Christians who somehow favor the death penalty are not bothered by this. To them, it is a feature, not a bug. They'd buy tickets, then bring sandwiches and a Thermos of coffee.