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Miguel-odon t1_j61k2n7 wrote

It is kind of absurd, that the state is going to kill someone but also test the drugs for bacteria first.


Caladbolg_Prometheus t1_j61v82b wrote

Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. It’s up for debate whether a swift painless death fits the criteria. It’s not up for debate if torturing a man to death is cruel or unusual punishment.


Miguel-odon t1_j61vkc2 wrote

How would bacteria in the injection make the death penalty any more barbaric? It isn't going to kill him slower.


Caladbolg_Prometheus t1_j61xqz8 wrote

It could kill slower, or even worse make the painkillers ineffective. There’s even been cases where both happened. Survivors describe the ordeal as ‘lava in the veins.’ That’s right, people survived lethal injection.

So yeah, ‘kill him slower’ is on the table. Longest ‘successful’ lethal injection was 1 hour 57 minutes. It was not pretty.