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mabhatter t1_j5g0odh wrote

This company was given multiple warnings and chances by the FDA didn't actually have production halted and FDA recalls mandated until there was a string of illnesses and deaths possibly tied back to formula. The the FDA went there and things the company had been warned of repeatedly still weren't fixed and their being cagey but unsafe levels of contaminants were found.

Then after they reopened the plant got shut down for flooding? I mean how are they building a baby formula plant without effective mitigations for that stuff? There's definitely criminal level negligence going on where FDA rules simply weren't being followed even after the company was repeatedly warned. People should be rightfully angry about the breakdown in the safety process.


N8CCRG t1_j5gvz7i wrote

There was a huge whistleblower report that had them under serious investigation. The whistleblower claimed they not only didn't fix the things they were told they had to fix, but celebrated tricking the follow up inspectors into thinking that they had, and then using the money they saved on stock buybacks to line their pockets.


party_benson t1_j5gag4i wrote

They'll pay a fine, fire some low level workers to make up the profits and nothing will have been learned and no one will be accountable.


Torifyme12 t1_j5j0xme wrote

It's actually worse than you're making it out to be. They tried to blackmail the USG into not shutting them down.

They basically said, "Yeah well you don't want kids to go hungry do you? Better put off that FDA action plan then"


HyldHyld t1_j5i2iij wrote

The FDA is such a shit show as well. "Rules" is laughable. Ambiguous sentences you need to divine information out of at best. Definitely two failures in this story.


keklulbur t1_j5i9zoe wrote

the fda got declawed because if they actually did anything and a shortage happens u will hear tucker and co saying LIBERALS TRYING TO CONTROLL WHAT WE FEED OUR CHILDREN!!!!!
so they stuck between doing their actual jobs and soft warnings because public will side with the corps over the feds


HyldHyld t1_j5nb5ec wrote

The FDA only ever has the claws that the people funneling money into the agency give it. Look at all the shit all over grocery stores should give you a good enough idea.