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GoArray t1_j5kxmx4 wrote

>Investigators said the home’s owner claimed to have received threats against their life and a video of an object wrapped in a bandana that had been placed under the home.

Thank god. For a second I assumed someone saw an egg and literally thought "that oblong white thing.. idk? Could be a bomb!?"


lightbulbfragment t1_j5l77cz wrote

At first I read this as "wrapped in a banana" and was really struggling to understand why someone would wrap anything in a banana, but especially an egg or bomb.


willstr1 t1_j5lprkv wrote

Its a new combo landmine, you trip the enemy for the extra embarrassment


Sinphony_of_the_nite t1_j5ls5qf wrote

It is known colloquially as the 'wham-bam'.


GoArray t1_j5lu83x wrote

This gave me a terrible idea!

Peel banana but leave like 2" of the peel intact.

Jam egg into little 2" pocket.


I'm imagining the peeled pieces acting as stabilizers for the egg bomb!


2459-8143-2844 t1_j5nahjn wrote

Yeah the potassium of the banana reacts with the eggs calcium. Basically thermite.


Wand_Cloak_Stone t1_j5mh0tr wrote

I did too but for some reason my tired brain thought it made complete sense and I moved on. I didn’t realize it didn’t say banana until I read your comment.


c0c0_12 t1_j5n97zc wrote

Probably someone on drugs or having a mental health episode.