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techleopard t1_j5l456q wrote

The smell is... Well, once you smell it, you KNOW that smell. It's engrained into the surface of your brain forever, like skunk musk or a dog with parvovirus.

It's a bit funny that none of the adults in school didn't immediately know what that smell was.


SheriffComey t1_j5l7z54 wrote

Most of the students and some teachers said exactly what it was. I mean like you said you just know.

Where administrators were coming from was in the off chance someone used the eggs to hide the smell of something else. Basically an abundance of caution. We used to do that in the early 90s


GrannysPartyMerkin t1_j5m63gy wrote

Wait, you can smell Parvo?


techleopard t1_j5mm18z wrote

When the dogs start to have diarrhea, it has a very distinct smell. It is not just a "sick poop" smell, nor is it just a blood smell. It's almost...chemical.