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InternetPeon t1_j5kwnzv wrote

Wow . First Egg smuggling and now this. The egg wars are coming to a boil.


SheriffComey t1_j5kx4zb wrote

I mean if it was a rotten one then that description isn't too far off.

In middle school some kids thought it'd be hilarious to throw a dozen rotten eggs into the air return of the school. Clear the fucking building OUT in under 10 minutes. Also got the bomb squad and several other authorities involved due to them thinking it was a chemical attack.


GoArray t1_j5kxmx4 wrote

>Investigators said the home’s owner claimed to have received threats against their life and a video of an object wrapped in a bandana that had been placed under the home.

Thank god. For a second I assumed someone saw an egg and literally thought "that oblong white thing.. idk? Could be a bomb!?"


pegothejerk t1_j5kxr4d wrote

Obviously some concerned neighbor knew the homeowner was going through some trying times


TooMad t1_j5kz7vt wrote

Local detectives are working hard to crack the case now.


GlumpsAlot t1_j5l0tyz wrote

Eggs are so expensive now that we've resorted to hiding them! Where is Frank with his egg during these trying times.


techleopard t1_j5l456q wrote

The smell is... Well, once you smell it, you KNOW that smell. It's engrained into the surface of your brain forever, like skunk musk or a dog with parvovirus.

It's a bit funny that none of the adults in school didn't immediately know what that smell was.


SheriffComey t1_j5l7z54 wrote

Most of the students and some teachers said exactly what it was. I mean like you said you just know.

Where administrators were coming from was in the off chance someone used the eggs to hide the smell of something else. Basically an abundance of caution. We used to do that in the early 90s


Zxphenomenalxz t1_j5l83va wrote

They were scrambling to get to the bottom of this. Seems like it was over easy.


supercyberlurker t1_j5lb0l1 wrote

I wonder which is more expensive now.

Improved explosive device.. or an egg.


tremor_tj t1_j5lb4ed wrote

Ever try to cook a whole egg (uncracked) in a microwave? Potential explosive device.


321TacocaT123 t1_j5lbc99 wrote

Is that why they are so damn expensive right now?


Jorgee93 t1_j5lejkt wrote

All I can think of is that one seal video:



tomd65 t1_j5lkuwd wrote

Humpty Dumpty had it so real Humpty Dumpty slipped on a banana peel


rabidstoat t1_j5lpfi1 wrote

Who the hell is wealthy enough to waste an egg on a hoax? Those things are hella expensive!


AustnTG t1_j5lqt3s wrote

if someone told me theres a bomb under my house im not checking it myself either. it sounds silly now but id do the same thing


456afisher t1_j5lu4ja wrote

One can only hope that the homeowner has the phone # of the caller and the police do follow-up and arrest the threatener.


bassacre t1_j5m3uui wrote

Like a chicken egg? The kind you make into delicious omelettes?


Dr_Herbert_Wangus t1_j5m3w07 wrote

If there really were threats made against her, an egg wrapped in a bandana placed under the house makes me think someone is trying perform some sort of ritual to curse her.


Austoman t1_j5mihkt wrote

Have you seen the prices? They are exploding more each day!


padizzledonk t1_j5miurb wrote

These high egg prices are getting out of control


-P-M-A- t1_j5mkqcp wrote

To be fair, the egg was rotten.


omart3 t1_j5mtg6n wrote

A real.bomb would have been cheaper these days.


klaatu7764 t1_j5ncc0d wrote

Fortunately, there was no eggsplosion.


JohnBsGhost t1_j5o39f5 wrote

People really think their lives are so fucking integral to the world that someone would plant an egg shaped bomb under their home.