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strugglz t1_j65abyy wrote

The article can't make up it's mind if the FBI has nothing to say about it or no additional information supporting the ban to provide. You know, aside from well publicized instances of the Chinese accessing "private" user data.


RantoniFantoni t1_j65ct6o wrote

>You know, aside from well publicized instances of the Chinese accessing "private" user data.

Europe wants to have a chat with you and their attempts to force Silicon Valley to split off their European operations to stop NSA mass surveillance. US tech CEOs have repeatedly stated that they will comply with the US government even if it violates EU laws regarding EU user data privacy. And the NSA has been outed several times for spying on European governments.

EDIT: This is shit that you would only learn from reading the European press as American press outlets spins and portrays the data privacy issue as a commercial matter and always censors out the fact that Europe considers NSA mass surveillance of it's citizens to be illegal.


Mightypsychobat t1_j67b27o wrote

Haha, Not that it matters. You can post your going to commit mass slaughter every day for weeks and everyone who jobs it was to respond to that will be like "If only we had warning signs that could have predicted this."

They don't do shit but put your name on a list that they don't look at until after there a bunch of dead kids or something. Hear the NSA guy reading my post! I don't think you do a good job.


RantoniFantoni t1_j687j3z wrote

>They don't do shit but put your name on a list that they don't look at until after there a bunch of dead kids or something.

Random internet bro would know.


HEYitsSPIDEY t1_j65fl08 wrote

Facebook and Twitter literally do the same exact thing. AMERICA needs actual internet privacy laws, but instead our bullshit politicians wanna go after one platform specifically.

China has your data. With or without Tiktok. China even has their claws in Reddit.


ItIsYourPersonality t1_j6jkk1c wrote

And guess who donates money to the campaigns of these politicians…. Rhymes with Beta and has a competing app to TikTok.


blahbleh112233 t1_j666wov wrote

Well yeah, its twofold. Outside of nationalism, you have to remember that Zuck is solid blue democrat so Pelosi and crew need to protect their precious donor. Republicans are racist and hate the chinese anyways so will go for it anyways


101fng t1_j66w1vs wrote

Whoa there buddy. Are you implying that US politicians are corrupt? Democratic politicians no less!? That’ll get you downvoted around here with little to no rebuttal.


SomeInternetRando t1_j68d77s wrote

My downvote was for taking an issue that the public generally agrees on and immediately shoehorning in a way to divide us back up again.


code_archeologist t1_j65asjc wrote

The driving reason for banning TikTok is one of national security interest. States do not have a right to access the counterintelligence data that the FBI has collected which influenced their decision.

This is a click-bait nothingburger of a story.


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65uq89 wrote

Ha! "Communism was just a red herring!"


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65xjhe wrote

It's a quote from Clue. Have you seen it? If not, and you want to, don't read anymore because this is a spoiler. I can't remember much about the plot, but I think one of the guests told everyone else there he's being blackmailed for selling secrets to the Russians, when really he's getting blackmailed for having an affair. When they learn of the affair, someone says "So communism was just a red herring!" Because--red. Russia. Communism. Very droll.

Since TikTok is Chinese, and China is/was known as Red China because it's communist (and also their giant red flag), I legit thought you were referencing the movie and I was acknowledging your clever joke.

The movie is great, though.


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65ykzw wrote

Gotcha. No problem. Tensions are high everywhere.


dexman95 t1_j693o0l wrote

Not often do you see calm discussion and de-escalation here so kudos to you both


NoPossibility t1_j65d67c wrote

Beyond that, they may have very damning evidence that they’re not going to share publicly because it could compromise agents or methods used to gather that evidence, making future discoveries and evidence harder to come by.


SomeInternetRando t1_j68dvfy wrote

Yeah, but on the flip side, “just trust us, bro” doesn’t really cut it anymore.


blahbleh112233 t1_j6670iq wrote

Honestly? The primary driver is probably Zuckerberg sweating bullets over losing a lot of his precious instagram audience to tik tok. He's a major donor


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blahbleh112233 t1_j68wafh wrote

Its reddit, the group think can be real. Anything remotely anti democrat means you're a trump supporter to people online.


whatshelooklike t1_j65fn90 wrote

US sure are hypocrites. NSA just as bad


CriticalMembership31 t1_j66uboj wrote

Chinas the real hypocrites here. Always making whataboutism claims about US social media companies while conveniently ignoring that China has blocked and banned US Social media sites.


elcafesitodemiami t1_j65b4ne wrote

Isn't Tik tok taking all the advertising market share from all the Silicon Valley companies (google, meta, etc.)? I thought this ban was just a lobying push from American companies to get rid of the competition with a better algorithm?

If it's about national security, didn't Snowden prove that all of these US based companies spy on every American and sell the info to the american government and other firms?


scrtwpnx OP t1_j65bmm7 wrote

Yup. Another big part is to blame some "evil other" while this country falls apart.


RantoniFantoni t1_j65d4py wrote

Here in the US, there's almost 0 coverage of the EU's attempts to split Silicon valley's European operations in order to stop NSA mass surveillance.

It's literally collective amnesia over here. When the EU data privacy issue comes out the American press spins it as a purely commercial concern and ignores that EU commission literally speaking out against illegal US global surveillance.


afrothunder2104 t1_j65imx5 wrote

It isn’t collective amnesia. It’s not unrealistic for a country like the us to be doing the same thing they accuse another country of doing within the us. Of course we would want to prevent the other country from continuing while trying to do it ourselves.

I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, the right thing is to have none of this happening. But at the same time, this isn’t a fantasy land and there are bad actors all over (I’m not excluding the us, so save your angry responses) so I want my country to be proactive in this one way or another.


RantoniFantoni t1_j65ot76 wrote

Except it's hypocritical to claim that hypothetical mass survelliance by China is evil while we do it and are globally condemned for it while the same press hyping up the China threat is ignoring the European press and EU condemning us for it.

It's one thing to be honest about it, it's a while other to lie out your ass and only hear what you want to hear from Europe. AKA Nationalism.


ExpensivLow t1_j667a53 wrote

Well the “evil other” is a real country that wishes ill upon us


IsThisKismet t1_j67mz68 wrote

Do you really believe that?

China needs the US to buy their stuff. The US needs China to sell us their stuff.


ExpensivLow t1_j67r2d1 wrote

They sure as hell don’t want a democratic republic gaining influence.


IsThisKismet t1_j68s2oj wrote

I don’t even know what this means.

America has the most control over the entire planet. China is only doing what we do.


Archivist_of_Lewds t1_j69tprz wrote

you mean a belligerent and hostile foreign power with designs on invading its neighbors?


RantoniFantoni t1_j65pw7g wrote

He spoke to MEP's and provided evidence to the EU and European journalists of NSA mass surveillance against EU citizens and European governments and how several EU national intelligence agencies were cooperating with the NSA.

Denmark was the latest country to have an NSA scandal when a few years ago the intelligence service released some government inquiries several years in the making showing that they cooperated with the NSA to help spy on other EU governments and mass internet surveillance on EU citizens.

But the damning part was also their analysis that the NSA also spied on Danish government decision making with regards to the F-35 purchase.


EbolaaPancakes t1_j661hp3 wrote

Banning TikTok isn’t about safety of information. All American companies take the exact same data. Banning TikTok is about American companies not being able to compete. Advertisers are flocking to TikTok which is hurting the bottom line of Facebook, Instagram, ect. Tiktoks algorithm is the best in the game and the Americans are too stupid to figure it out.

So instead of competing, these American companies are trying to get it banned. Considering they are some of the largest donors in the country, it’ll happen eventually.


nsci2ece t1_j6bq9q1 wrote

Honestly given that China blocks so much of the global internet that it's easier to list off what isn't banned nowadays, this seems like a fair way of giving China a taste of their own medicine.

And yes, censorship is a big motivator in China's actions but I strongly suspect that the true #1 priority is to artificially prop up their own domestic offerings (after all the firewall is trivial to bypass). Blocking Google helps Baidu, blocking Facebook helps Renren, blocking Whatsapp helps WeChat, blocking YouTube helps Youku, etc.

I generally am strongly against governments restricting a foreign competitor just to help inferior domestic offerings but in this particular case, tit-for-tat.


BusyNatural t1_j67wxlv wrote

Ya exactly the companies that are taking data are in America...not China. That's the difference dumbass


SpindriftRascal t1_j65k66q wrote

The substantive issue aside, the FBI might very well have information it can’t share because it’s classified. The FBI sharing or not sharing information about something has very little to do with the merits of that thing.


SomeInternetRando t1_j68e9fx wrote

But if the FBI wants people outside the FBI to take action, it’s reasonable for them to decline if all they’re given is “trust me”.


SpindriftRascal t1_j68hwhk wrote

I think it’s reasonable for people to decide how much trust they want to extend, sure.


MalcolmLinair t1_j664x40 wrote

"Owned and operated by a hostile foreign power" should be evidence enough.


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ThatDudeWithTheCat t1_j65hlca wrote

But that would be communism, don't you know the free market will solve everything if we just remove all regulations? /s


Toaster_bath13 t1_j67fzq1 wrote

> The government shouldn’t decide which apps are allowed or not.

On devices used for government work they absofuckinglutely should be able to tell you what you can and cannot install.


Zestfullyclean87 t1_j6aaevu wrote

I’m just there to look at golden retrievers, and someone piping body butter into jars, and I intend on consuming this content for hours.

So yeah. I couldn’t find evidence to ban TikTok either


synchrohighway t1_j65byi3 wrote

I never used it but isn't it just like vine or some shit? It sounds annoying but harmless.


warywasp t1_j65cccx wrote

Its great for cooking and recipes.


fatcIemenza t1_j65g3h7 wrote

And gen z activism/organizing which is why conservatives hate it


warywasp t1_j65gq6d wrote

And its absolutely eating Facebook and Instagram for lunch. I'm all for it. Zuckerberg and his ilk are pure trash


0Charkell0 t1_j65cv76 wrote

Like vine and Facebook put together, good if you’re watching the “right” stuff.


Shirlenator t1_j65w8fa wrote

TikTok in China and TikTok in practically the rest of the world is supposedly very different. There is a theory that the Chinese version pushes good content like science experiments, museum exhibits, and other educational content, while the non-Chinese version is meant to be as addictive as possible while pushing far less quality content.


thefugue t1_j65drxa wrote

The app collects way more data than even the worst offenders we're used to hearing about.


whatshelooklike t1_j65fpjm wrote

Who NSA?


thefugue t1_j65iikm wrote

The NSA doesn’t collect American data without a warrant.


whatshelooklike t1_j65j2ic wrote

Snowden leaks disagree.

The EU disagrees.


thefugue t1_j65jdrw wrote

Snowden didn’t “leak” anything. Everything he drew attention to was covered in the NY Times when the Patriot Act was passed. If people were unaware of the Five Eyes agreement that was because it works.

Besides, there’s no comparison. One is a national security program, the other is a video app with no legitimate social benefit.


whatshelooklike t1_j65k9qk wrote

What are you talking about...

On June 6, 2013, Americans learned that their government was spying broadly on its own people.

That’s when The Guardian and The Washington Post published the first of a series of reports put together from documents leaked by an anonymous source. The material exposed a government-run surveillance program that monitored the communications records of not just criminals or potential terrorists, but law-abiding citizens as well.

Three days later the source unmasked himself as Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor.


whatshelooklike t1_j65ji9z wrote

In the immediate wake of the early NSA revelations, the agency’s director, General Keith Alexander, claimed the NSA surveillance had contributed to the prevention of 54 plots.

Eventually, deputy NSA director John Inglis conceded that, at most, one plot.

Yeah....they sound trustworthy...warrant. you naive human


OrganicPrinciple130 t1_j67wovi wrote

TikTok collects the same amount of data every other social media app collects. They are just mad it’s not something the government can control.


Wooden_Phase9139 t1_j65r7et wrote

Translation: The federal government wants to stop people from leaving their closed surveillance gardens


CakeNStuff t1_j6a2zob wrote

Quick Litmus Test:

China is accessing Tik Tok User Data.

This is known. AFAIK we the people still don’t know is the full extent of what they’re doing with this data. If anyone wants to correct me here feel free.

Honest to god question here:

If what they’re doing with this data is so bad then why haven’t warnings been dropped by the state department? Why don’t we have the details of exactly what the data is going towards? This is an information gathering scheme on a worldwide scale dealing with two of the largest governments in the world with world class espionage. Bytedance is also buying hardware from some of the largest tech manufacturers in the world and while deploying MASSIVE amounts of infrastructure.

You’re telling me no one has any idea where this data is going and what it’s being used to do?

Like, I get that there’s a layer of secrecy required when dealing with national security interests but this is such a widespread and such an overt act that the secrecy is almost stranger than the issue at hand.

I have my own opinions on this I’m going to leave out but it’s awfully strange that an information state as large as the US is mute on these points. It’s also very suspicious that the US is leading the charge on this with Silicon Valley in tow.

Again, the problem is real but I am VERY skeptical of the US’ reasons for getting into this in the first place.


Jackal239 t1_j6biy3t wrote

I heard a completely unsubstantiated theory that Silicon Valley is actually backdoor lobbying the government against TikTok because they can't compete with it.


Level_Beat5279 t1_j6bw5fa wrote

Lol so many China simps in this thread. Probably bots


Acadia_Due t1_j65a1ig wrote

Can we ban it anyway? The number of weirdos and wanna-bes is off the charts.


mtbaird5687 t1_j660mvt wrote

Nobody here has the info to make a call on this. Will releasing evidence hurt ongoing surveillance and sources...maybe. Is there nothing there and the tiktok concerns are BS... Maybe


MacMaizer t1_j65a7fo wrote

Is the FBI in charge of that? I mean internet is international and this App is Chinese. Shouldn't another's Agency be heading any investigation?


warywasp t1_j65cgdl wrote

I trust it over Zuckerberg. That pos would sell you out for $.00001, and likely has if you use his garbage


Shirlenator t1_j65wfal wrote

That is kind of a weird stance. I would be willing to bet the execs of TikTok would literally kill you for $.00001


Bokbreath t1_j65ah2m wrote

Wait. Are you saying we need evidence to ban something ? Never heard that before.


tedcruzrileycurry t1_j65dzk0 wrote

Because they just made it up. Nobody actually has any evidence. It’s just shit they read on the Internet.