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code_archeologist t1_j65asjc wrote

The driving reason for banning TikTok is one of national security interest. States do not have a right to access the counterintelligence data that the FBI has collected which influenced their decision.

This is a click-bait nothingburger of a story.


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65uq89 wrote

Ha! "Communism was just a red herring!"


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65xjhe wrote

It's a quote from Clue. Have you seen it? If not, and you want to, don't read anymore because this is a spoiler. I can't remember much about the plot, but I think one of the guests told everyone else there he's being blackmailed for selling secrets to the Russians, when really he's getting blackmailed for having an affair. When they learn of the affair, someone says "So communism was just a red herring!" Because--red. Russia. Communism. Very droll.

Since TikTok is Chinese, and China is/was known as Red China because it's communist (and also their giant red flag), I legit thought you were referencing the movie and I was acknowledging your clever joke.

The movie is great, though.


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SkyFullofHat t1_j65ykzw wrote

Gotcha. No problem. Tensions are high everywhere.


dexman95 t1_j693o0l wrote

Not often do you see calm discussion and de-escalation here so kudos to you both


NoPossibility t1_j65d67c wrote

Beyond that, they may have very damning evidence that they’re not going to share publicly because it could compromise agents or methods used to gather that evidence, making future discoveries and evidence harder to come by.


SomeInternetRando t1_j68dvfy wrote

Yeah, but on the flip side, “just trust us, bro” doesn’t really cut it anymore.


blahbleh112233 t1_j6670iq wrote

Honestly? The primary driver is probably Zuckerberg sweating bullets over losing a lot of his precious instagram audience to tik tok. He's a major donor


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blahbleh112233 t1_j68wafh wrote

Its reddit, the group think can be real. Anything remotely anti democrat means you're a trump supporter to people online.


whatshelooklike t1_j65fn90 wrote

US sure are hypocrites. NSA just as bad


CriticalMembership31 t1_j66uboj wrote

Chinas the real hypocrites here. Always making whataboutism claims about US social media companies while conveniently ignoring that China has blocked and banned US Social media sites.