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elcafesitodemiami t1_j65b4ne wrote

Isn't Tik tok taking all the advertising market share from all the Silicon Valley companies (google, meta, etc.)? I thought this ban was just a lobying push from American companies to get rid of the competition with a better algorithm?

If it's about national security, didn't Snowden prove that all of these US based companies spy on every American and sell the info to the american government and other firms?


scrtwpnx OP t1_j65bmm7 wrote

Yup. Another big part is to blame some "evil other" while this country falls apart.


RantoniFantoni t1_j65d4py wrote

Here in the US, there's almost 0 coverage of the EU's attempts to split Silicon valley's European operations in order to stop NSA mass surveillance.

It's literally collective amnesia over here. When the EU data privacy issue comes out the American press spins it as a purely commercial concern and ignores that EU commission literally speaking out against illegal US global surveillance.


afrothunder2104 t1_j65imx5 wrote

It isn’t collective amnesia. It’s not unrealistic for a country like the us to be doing the same thing they accuse another country of doing within the us. Of course we would want to prevent the other country from continuing while trying to do it ourselves.

I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, the right thing is to have none of this happening. But at the same time, this isn’t a fantasy land and there are bad actors all over (I’m not excluding the us, so save your angry responses) so I want my country to be proactive in this one way or another.


RantoniFantoni t1_j65ot76 wrote

Except it's hypocritical to claim that hypothetical mass survelliance by China is evil while we do it and are globally condemned for it while the same press hyping up the China threat is ignoring the European press and EU condemning us for it.

It's one thing to be honest about it, it's a while other to lie out your ass and only hear what you want to hear from Europe. AKA Nationalism.


ExpensivLow t1_j667a53 wrote

Well the “evil other” is a real country that wishes ill upon us


IsThisKismet t1_j67mz68 wrote

Do you really believe that?

China needs the US to buy their stuff. The US needs China to sell us their stuff.


ExpensivLow t1_j67r2d1 wrote

They sure as hell don’t want a democratic republic gaining influence.


IsThisKismet t1_j68s2oj wrote

I don’t even know what this means.

America has the most control over the entire planet. China is only doing what we do.


Archivist_of_Lewds t1_j69tprz wrote

you mean a belligerent and hostile foreign power with designs on invading its neighbors?


RantoniFantoni t1_j65pw7g wrote

He spoke to MEP's and provided evidence to the EU and European journalists of NSA mass surveillance against EU citizens and European governments and how several EU national intelligence agencies were cooperating with the NSA.

Denmark was the latest country to have an NSA scandal when a few years ago the intelligence service released some government inquiries several years in the making showing that they cooperated with the NSA to help spy on other EU governments and mass internet surveillance on EU citizens.

But the damning part was also their analysis that the NSA also spied on Danish government decision making with regards to the F-35 purchase.